Choking sensation

Does anyone on here ever experience a sensation out of nowhere like they are being choked? It feels like someone is squeezing my neck that's the only way I can describe it. Also I feel like my stomach has been twitching sort of feels like a pulse inside my stomach. It's very alarming & I'm having a hard time believing it's all due to anxiety & I have a bigger health problem then that. I'm open for any suggestions


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  • Hi Mloanddb, I can certainly relate to that choking feeling. It's been going on for a while now. Because of the way I carry my stress, my neck muscles take a lot of abuse which entails the back, sides and now the front of my neck. If I should bend over, it feels as if someone is choking me. When I lie down in bed at night, the shift of position from sitting to lying back feels choky. As for the stomach twitching feeling like a pulse, it is the same as when you eyelid twitches. Nerve twitches due to strain and our anxiety. I just let it go and forget about it. The choking sensation is a little harder to do, I don't like that feeling. So you are not alone feeling this. x

  • And this feeling doesn't happen when I'm eating it just starts out of nowhere it can last for minutes or even hours. The stomach twitching actually started last week sometime. I'm just so sick of it all honestly πŸ˜”

  • You are absolutely correct, it doesn't happen when I'm eating. Go figure!

    The stomach twitching is just another way of anxiety presenting itself.

    It's hard not to get sick and tired of the different physical sensations. I understand..... x

  • Yes I have the feeling of choking in my throat and uncomfortable ferling in my stomache x it's all related to this anxiety x something different every day x getting fed up with it now x but just need to try and beat it some how and don't let it rule you x it's a very hard road x but if you can just say to yourself it's nit going to kill me it's jyst anxiety x it does get better in time x I've been like this since March 16 alot better than I was but still getting feelings but learning to accept them for what they are x not easy though x good luck x

  • I've been dealing with it since November of last year. I've gotten a little bit better but new things showing up everyday is really depressing. I have good people around me who keep my spirits up & help me. I wish you guys the best of luck this is a hard life to have once you have this disorder πŸ˜”

  • no i haven't had the choking thing. but I have had stomach issues before. My stomach use to feel like it was flip flopping inside. and yes it was all due to my anxiety. i also can cause pain in areas of my body and think i have cancer or something majorly wrong. I hate it but am trying to deal with it the best I can. Back when i had this about 3 years ago my Dr. put me through some test but told me that there wasn't anything wrong with me but did offer to test me on anything i wanted. i decided no to all the testing and got better. I am suffering again from similar stuff and am working on it to get better again.

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