choking sensation

I'm away on holiday in lanzarote with my family and Ive been fine for a few month but 2 days ago I was sitting and I tried to swallow and felt like I was swallowing my tongue. It stuck to my mouth nd I couldn't swallow or talk so made me panic. The same happened again tonight. I've never witnessed it before. Could this be a sign of a seizure as I google it and I know I shouldn't but I'm so scared now. Has anyone else felt like this? That there tongue is stuck and u can't talk or breathe properly?


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  • Where you eating at the times this occurred?

  • i have same problem my tounge its like stuck to my mouth like the top and cant sometimes breath properly same page its annoying

  • I wasn't eating. I was just sitting down relaxing at the time and I had the urge to swallow but now when I swallow I feel like I'm gonna swallow my tongue so jump up and panic really bad. Could I be having seizures or is google just putting too much worry on myself? I'm convinced it's a seizure starting as it says it can feel like u can't swallow properly

  • Believe me, if you were having a major seizure someone would notice it, but maybe not you. I had one last June and went warning about it, no tounge issues, no nothing.

    Maybe you are reading Google too much. :)

  • Could I not be having minor seizures as it's been happening too often now for 2 days. It started off just the odd one then now it's a lot nd makes me panic when I can't swallow at all? I've tried to go to sleep there and woke up with a fright like my tongue was gonna go down my throat again and couldn't swallow again

  • You know, anything is possible, but many things are highly unlikely.

    You are really concerned about this, and perhaps you should contact your doctor tomorrow for a check up. You and your doctor know your body and medical history much better than I could ever know. I'm just here to support you and share some experiences that may help, and sometimes I'm here to ask for support, but I am not a doctor.

    I believe maybe after your visit to your doctor, your worry will be resolved one way or another.

  • I am from the uk and on holiday for another 9 days in lanzarote so I won't be able to see the doctor unless I go to the hospital in lanzarote but not sure how much that would cost

  • Well, you do have a choice to make. If you are realistic about choking to death and really think it is something more than your anxiety and something must be done now.....well, think about this? Isn't worth any amount of money to have it checked out now, wherever you are?

    I know that sounds a bit blunt, but you if you really believe your life is at risk or danger, and it REALLY isn't your anxiety causing this, get medical help.

    In US, we often have to pay for medical care even if we pay for medical insurance because insurance doesn't cover everything.

    My best wishes in what ever decision you make.

  • If you have a history of anxiety it really could just be anxiety and now it's happening more because you're anxious about it. I sometimes feel like I'm going to stop breathing and I think I hyperventilate because of anxiety. I get stressed out and don't realize I'm stressed which bring on anxiety in physical form such as feeling like I can't breath. I mean, it's hard to realize it's really anxiety at the time because you're having the physical symptom that freaks you out. My sister has epilepsy and her seizures cause her to fall over wherever she is and are very noticeable by others. If you're around your family you could ask them to kind of watch you and reassure you it doesn't appear to be seizures if it doesn't. I hope it goes away and you enjoy your holiday.

  • So u think it doesn't really sound like a seizure? Google is a bad thing cos it puts things into ya head nd makes me believe that it's actually happening. Do u think I would be okay taking a beta blocker on a nite time when I feel more anxious? I took 20mg last time but felt spaced out the next day but I only took one so not sure if I even give them enough time to work! Wonder if I could take 10mg nd I might not feel as spaced out the next day

  • Is a beta blocker to lower your blood pressure? I don't know much about those. Sounds like taking less would be better if it spaced you out. I would stop googling. You may just be stressed out because you're on holiday and not at home. Can you call the dr that prescribed the beta blocker and talk about your symptoms with the nurse to maybe reassure you? Vacations are fun but stressful too if you're more comfortable at home. It doesn't sound like a seizure to me based on the type my sister has. When she comes out of it she doesn't remember anything about it really and it takes her a long time to come out of it and be back to herself. She's normally exhausted afterwards. Mild seizures can be different and last only seconds but if you ask your family to pay close attention, they would notice. Hoping the best for you! :)

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