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So I struggle with Insomnia, but usually I just deal with the persistent disrupted sleep part of it. My problem is that a few nights ago I went to bed around 10PM and woke up at 4AM for work. I took a three hour nap at 4PM yesterday and I haven't slept at all throughout the night. I feel anxiety kicking in and paranoia. I get paid to help my sister take care of her kids from 5AM-2PM, I am scared that I will hallucinate (my eyes have already been playing tricks on me) or that this lack of sleep will physically harm me. My heart has been feeling weird and I definitely feel zombified.


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  • How are you now sir/mam? about if you try not taking naps and avoid caffeine? Uuummm...just for my suggestion...sigh...hope you are alright...I've been thru that too.

  • Right now I feel high/drunk. My vision has gone blurry and whenever I get the chance to close my eyes, I feel like I am falling. I usually don't take naps and I don't drink caffeine.

  • Are you into any medication? Do you have any disorder like me? I have GAD, before I got some experiences too about when you are half asleep or trying to sleep, sudden jerks are my enemies. Sigh...I hope you okay. Lets fight! God bless

  • I have anxiety disorder, panic disorder, Insomnia, depression, PTSD, type 2 bi polar disorder, paranoia, and borderline personality disorder. I think I am okay, been experiencing more things from lack of sleep like sudden heart racing, feeling like I am falling when I close my eyes, and weird body sensations. I have pulled an all nighter before, but I have never felt the way I do. All I know is that when I get done with work, I am taking s nap. I have been going through bouts where I can hardly keep my eyes open.

  • Try looking at this. It sees sleep patterns asthe main cause of anxiety and depression...

  • Dear All,

    So about 2 summers ago when I was 23 I experienced insomnia for the first time (this was caused by career related anxiety I was experiencing which eventually led up to this). Once I had helped myself though the problem at hand (I felt like I had failed myself as I wasn't studying medicine- I underwent CBT for this and with heaps of self help leaflets I overcame this ) I was still suffering from sleep maintenence insomnia which meant that I fell asleep fine but could not maintain that sleep. I would wake up at 3am and that was it I wasn't going back to sleep.

    How did I overcome this? After a ton of researching (I work in scientific research so was adamant that there were research articles on this) Anyway to cut the story short I found lots of research that showed that Cognative Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia was the most effective in the long term for helping over drugs. Because the research papers didn't submit the material they were using I wanted to find detailed info on what I could do...

    Anyway I found this website and I probaby sound like I'm endorsing it haha bit honestly this worked for me fine. This individual describes their way of dealing with their insomnia and it mirrors all the CBT techniques for insomnia I learnt about. Link below...

    Practising the things the guy (I don't know this guy but im so thankful he posted his experience) mentioned really helped me, which is why I would like to share this with you guys. I really hope this helps...

    Also keeping a sleep diary also helps as strange as it sounds!

  • Thank you for sharing Zeeb.

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