recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I'm Feeling Miserable And Feel Like Death Is Near :( I'm Only 16!!!

Hello My NAME Is David I'm 16

I was just recently diagnosed with anxiety disorder which has been the worst day of my life so far :(

I need help to control it or just someone who understand me

Symptoms I go through:

I usually wake for bee hoping it's going to be a great day but then as I get up be gained to have muscles tension and fatigue. Udall this goes throughout the whole day... then last night I felt like I was gonna die because I was breathing heavily and due to all this is kept falling and telling myself to end it here but when I did let go I usually was still "alive" But yea....I constantly have this choking feeling, sweaty palms, racing heart and especially feeling like my dying. I constantly cry and pull my hair and began to have suicidal ideas. It's touch cause I want my old life back so bad!!!! And it's the same routine everyday ....later this day I'm going back to the doctors and getting therapy. But seriously I don't want this to last forever. When I have a headache I begin to panic cause I think I'm going to have a stroke which scares me alot!!! Please I need help !!!

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  • Just calm down,i know its much easier said than done.but thats the only way the symptoms are gonna stop.are you on any meds?

  • Get on a good antidepressant medication like and give it at least 3 to 4 weeks to work. The side effects will make things worse at first, so doctor may subscribe meds like a xanax to combat side effects. In other words see a doctor.

  • You're in the right place. Many people on this website know how it feels and fully understand, including myself. Don't worry. And don't be scared. You are not alone. I know a lot of these sensations and thoughts are very scary, but you can do are also very young and are most likely far more healthy than you think or feel. Try to keep calm, and never give up trying ok. You will be just fine. I know it. 😊🙄 On the tough days we are all here...even on the good days.

  • Hello

    I am sorry you feel so bad but have faith that this will get better and pleased you will be getting some therapy as this will help

    In the meantime have you got supportive parents or some friends maybe that you can talk to that will help you get through these feelings , I do hope so :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you all ! Really thanks :)

  • I don't know if this will help you but. Anxiety can have many scary symptoms that could make you feel like you are dying, It is good that you are going good to the therapist, because last month my therapist diagnosed me with general anxiety disorder and ever since I been going to the therapist it helped me a lot. I also suggest you exercise becuase exercise helps a lot with anxiety. Exercising has helped me. So I hope that you will feel better.

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