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Hi ,

i have suffered from anxiety for years , i want help ,i am tired of going through this , it has took over my life at times , i was put on prozac in my younger years and had a bad reaction from it and now i am scared to try anything , i do take adivan occasionally but i am also very sensitive to meds . i feel a sense of doom , i always think something is happening to me , i have real bad heart fluuters , feeling like i cant breath stomach aches , i have been checked out by all kinds of doctors and now they look at me like i am crazy .my heart rate has been as high as 170 and as low as 58 .please help

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i have never tried to breathing techniques but i will try this thanks so much


Try warm lemon water trust me it will work look it up on Google ima try it today


Have you taken any antibiotics?



Sorry you are suffering with anxiety

I totally understand the fear of meds , I am the same and when you have had a bad reaction to them it just feeds that fear we already had but that was just one med and there are now so many different one's if that is the route you feel you would like to go down

I personally do not take meds but I have to take them for other health issues and when I do I have the same fear , but I always ask to be put on the lowest dose possible so I can wean on them gently and that way fingers crossed you do not feel any side effects , you can do the same with anxiety meds , could be worth mentioning to your Doctor :-)

Try and be reassured that you seem to have had most things checked out and physically there is nothing wrong even though your anxiety will be trying to tell you otherwise because that is how it stays in control of us , but we have to learn to take that control back , slow process once we have gotten into a negative way of thinking but slowly it can be done

Maybe therapy would be more helpful to you , your Doctor again could refer you for this and if you are finding the Doctor you are seeing is not very good in understanding his/her patients that suffer with anxiety see another Doctor in the same surgery that may be more compassionate to how bad this really does affect people and that is why we feel we are physically ill but it is not the body it is the mind that needs treating

Keep talking on here with others , knowing you are not alone can help , even if in a small way :-)

Take Care x

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Medication is ok it's finding the right one for you , I also am. Very sensitive to medication I have take Paxil CR 12.5 low dosage yes I should increase but side effects we never like for years yes I still struggle . I do ok for years and then things get bad again . Heart palpitations have always been an issue as well . Have you had your thyroid checked.? For woman thyroid disorder have many of the same symptoms of anxiety . I am currently taking atenolol 25 mgs low dose-for palpatations which helps excellent read about this medication , I was but on for blood pressure and palpatations, but it is listed as helping many for anxiety. . Please talk with a doctor I know papatations are awful . I am currently having test with cardiologists . Take care


they put me on propranalo for the fast heart rate , 10mg but i have to break it in half when i take this is helps slow the heart rate down almost to slow at times ,, my new dr has just placed me on metoprolol 25 mg i have not tried this yet . i have worn a heart monitor for 30 days they see where my heart will beat fast at times but they say its all in normal beats . i am 50 now and this is getting old like me . i have has thyroid problems in the past and sometimes it acts out going to see my endro next month thanks foe reaching out to me


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