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My own mind is my worst fear

Hi there everyone that also suffers from anxiety. I have been suffering with anxiety for 4years now. It's the worst! I really do not wish it upon anyone! Not even my worst enemy! I especially have it bad 10days before my period. I am on 10mg of Brintellix every day and I also take 10mg of urbanol when it really gets bad! It helps, but I am so sick and tired of struggling with this. Is it ever going to end or am I going to suffer with this disorder for the rest of my life? The worst thing is that people that don't suffer from it don't understand! They don't understand that my worst fear is my own mind! Just need some support from people that understand.

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Hi Nadz9010, your last post said it all in that your mind is your worst fear. By not letting your mind bully you into accepting what isn't factual or isn't real, will eventually make you stronger in mind and body. Anxiety will one day know it can't win with you because you keep ignoring the thoughts which prevent the symptoms. You will have completed a circle but not of fear but of having won. You are doing well. Keep up your positive ways.!!


I can totally relate with you, I also fear from my own mind :(

I didn't write anything that will help you but just thought to let you know that you are not alone


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