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Anxiety is symptom of emotional distress


Anxiety is a symptom of emotional distress, or unresolved issues in one's life. I've been reading through a lot of these posts the past few weeks, one thing that annoys me is people pretending that anxiety is just a random condition that has no meaning...Its not random. You are not your anxiety. You are colorful, awesome, and cool, anxiety is just a signal that something is bothering you.

I'm not trying to minimize anxiety, & for the people who suffer from it. I had severe social anxiety in my teenage years so I understand, but I also learned over time that I was also angry or sad or unhappy in those moments. What I'm saying is...anxiety is a signal,..just like depression is a signal..

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Anxiety is a feeling of fear, worry or panic whether they be rational or irrational fears.

Everyone feels anxious from time to time, most people have worries and stress in their lives , money, exams, relationships, their job, their health etc etc. Feeling anxious sometimes is normal.

However, when the initial stress has passed, most people will return to normal and carry on with life. The problems starts when the initial stress has passed, but the fear remains or even gets stronger.

What most people can't deal with or sometimes understand, are the physical and emotional symptoms that come with acute or chronic anxiety. They becomes very afraid of their physical symptoms and therefore feel there is something medically wrong with them. Chest pains become a heart attack or heart disease. Inability to take a deep breath becomes lung cancer. Headaches and/or a tight band around their head becomes a brain tumor.

Causes of anxiety are still not completely understood. Some so called experts think it stems from problems in childhood, other think it to do with an individuals brain chemistry and yet others think it's to do with past stressful or traumatic events.

My anxiety was labelled as being from physical and mental exhaustion when I was hospitalised. I was only in my 20's and did not understand what was happening. I will be 60 soon and I still suffer with some anxiety, but the difference is, I understand it and I can manage it.

Knowledge, understanding and acceptance is the key to overcoming anxiety.

Jeff1943 in reply to Judipat

A brilliant explanation, Judipat, very wise words gained from much past suffering I am sure. This should be read by everybody on this forum, newcomers or veterens, thank you so much for sharing your wusdom with us.

E--- in reply to Jeff1943

Totally agree Jeff1943

Vbee in reply to Jeff1943

Love a good bit of wusdom!

Hidden in reply to Judipat

Thank you. That was very informative.

E--- in reply to Judipat

Fantastic- great to know you are managing your anxiety now - I am totally proud of you for your closest thing to an explanation of what Anxiety actually is that actually hits the target ! ! Elle

True true true

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