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Messed up

I have had severe post parting depression chronic depression ICD ED and a failed recovery where I gained 25pounds I can't get off ironic I got terminated from my mental health job can't leave house accept Sunday for church can't drive cook clean can't even take my own pills great therapist talks to me every day I can't go out by myself or have severe anxiety sweating head spinning nausea I and feel like I am going to die Pysciatrist put me on Geodon doesn't mix with 6mg clinician 150mg of Wellbutrin 2x a day cymbalta 60 mg 2x a day trazadone 150 mg 2 before bedtime and now pysciatrist wants me to take Latuda Professionals have talked me into applying for social security because they don't feel I can work again since I can't be around many people at once or a have. A major panic attack I don't want to take Latuda I feel I take enough what are your thoughts?

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You sound just like me.i also cant do anything without having a panic attack,cant even ride in a car hardly.and i cant be by myself at all.and all this is so hard bc i have 2 kids and one on the way.maybe give the meds a try and if u dont like them just tell your doctor about it.its worth a try.i know after i had my second child i had extremely bad post partum depression/anxiety that went on for months and then finally i started taking celexa(an antidepressant) and after a couple weeks of that being in my system i felt so much better.


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