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Ive been a mess lately with health anxiety.

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I thought i was getting over my health anxiety but its getting worse than ever. Ive been so obsessed with my twitching all over and my hands shaking. Its gets better at night but i feel like its taking over my life. I get dizzy and feel like im going to pass out. Im wondering if i should make another appt with my primary dr or try to get through it myself.

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Ericamo1, looking back over your posts to 1 year ago, I noticed that they

included twitching, shaking and feeling dizzy headed. I think the fact that it

gets better at night shows you it probably is anxiety based. As the evening

goes on and we get more tired, the adrenaline levels are at it's lowest making

those symptoms nearly go away.

Even though you have had tests in the past, I still would suggest seeing your

primary doctor to reassure you that this isn't a medical issue. Good Luck and

let us know what your doctor says. :) xx

Ericamo,how old are you and are you in medication?I have been also suffering from anxiety and it is getting worse overtime,when it get worse i take medicine to subsidise the symptoms.You should see a doc as he/she can rule out the underlined causes and treat you with proper medication..I think twitching and tremor accompanying dizziness are symptoms of anxiety so don't panic.I am suffering also from these symptoms and it is ruining my daily life,i can't study,can't exercise,can't think properly ; see a doc he/she might prescribe some med to ease your symptoms..

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Ericamo1 in reply to souren

I made an appt with my dr.

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Agora1 in reply to Ericamo1

That's good Ericamo1. Let us know how you made out :) xx

I have the same things with the twitching and shakiness! It’s not fun and I don’t know how to stop it

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Ericamo1 in reply to pink83737

Me too. Its on and off but its always everyday.

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pink83737 in reply to Ericamo1

Mine is worse in social situations and the twitching wakes me up sometimes when I’m sleeping

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Ericamo1 in reply to pink83737

Yep thats how i am definitely social when im at work or when i go to a store...i cant wait to get out. I feel better at home although i still have the twitching not as bad though as when im out. Sometimes i feel like my head shakes or jerks when im talking to someone but it stops soon after the interaction.

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pink83737 in reply to Ericamo1

Yes same here!!! You’re not alone in this! We can get through this together, it fades away. mine isn’t as bad as it was

Go to your primary doctor have them investigate your symptoms. I have the twitching all Over my body for a month now it’s soo annoying but heard they could be harmless ? Lately I’ve tried taking magnesium and eating more healthy which has helped control them a little bit better than usual . Hoping you

Get answers take care !

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Ericamo1 in reply to Smfri2020

Mine have been a year...frustrating.

What kind of magnesium do you take? Was told to start taking a supplement but wasn’t sure what’s a good one to take


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Ericamo1 in reply to Bunny2020

I will mention this to my dr, thank you.

Sounds like anxiety to me as a lot of as can relate to those symptoms. I had an episode of tingling sensations in me legs and arms( sometimes just one leg or one arm etc) .It was pritty persistent but I have noticed that it was worse on a bad day and better on a good one. Therefore, all these sensations ( like doctors and therapists say) are due to stress levels.

Check with your doctor and then try to ignore them, do not notice them, let them be without getting too wind up about them.

Take care xxx

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