I don't like it

When your trying to sleep and you can feel your heart pounding even when your listening to music but you can still feel it pounding so you try holding your breath to make it go back to normal like you normally do but nope it don't work or when your lay down and your eyes are also playing tricks on you buy making it look like things are moving up and down I think my biggest fear is having a heart attack or not being able to slow my heart down


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  • It's a terrible feeling.

    I've had it a couple of times in the middle of the night as well.

    Usually lasts less n less everytime if you learn to take deep breaths and just say to yourself

    It's anxiety and I'm okay.

  • Thank you

  • I know; it's horrible. I usually get up (like right now) go into the lounge, turn on the TV and watch something. Try to get my mind focusing on something else, but without consciously trying. And breather in deep to the count of 4 then out to the count of 6; slowly. I hold my left hand firmly in my right and squeeze with my eyes closed. And I tell myself nothing matters. Everything in life is beyond my control, but its ok. I can just hold on to this one moment. At this one moment I am alive, I am breathing, and I have friends here who care. I can here the hot water heater bubbling. I can hear the TV. The world is going on without hearing my anxiety, but that's ok. And after half an hour I can get back into bed and dream I am on my own, riding through a huge sunny wilderness. Tall grass everywhere I can see for miles, but no people and it is so relaxing and quiet. Often works for me

    Good luck

  • Thats how i first started ... It goes and comes for me ..

  • I will tell you what really, really works. Meditation does. Even guided meditation if you haven't learned it yet. Check out Honest Guys on Youtube. Find one that you like. Listen at bed time.

  • I try but when I don't get to sleep in time like if I stay up to late my mind gets bad

  • Yes I hate it , all the deep breathing doesn't do a thing . And that eye thing happens all the time . When my heart is racing like that I constantly wonder how much longer can this go on until a massive heart attack or stroke . Worries the crap out of me

  • hi I've had the same feeling for about a year now,everytime I get a little pain in my chest I think its a heart attack,but I'm still here,I try to ignore it now ,its all down to anxiety

  • I get that feeling as well so I guess I'm not alone. I take a organic herbs/vitamin that helps me calm down. But before that and now I listen to guided hypnosis meditation from YouTube. I could send you a link of the ones I like but I think just try a few. I like the ones where there is talking but some people like the beats or music. It's all about relaxing, calming down and quit thinking. You can think all day you don't need to lie in bed and think about the past day or of the future.

  • Hi Whoppr - what herbal supplements have you tried that

    seem effective please ? Thank you

  • This is your sympathetic nervous system at work. Your body is releasing adrenaline so your heart is racing. When this happens often because you are maybe depressed or a worrier it wears your nervous system down and it becomes sensitive. This is why you actually FEEL your heart beating. By leading there worrying about what you are feeling your body keeps releasing more and more adrenaline and so the loop continues, great keeps racing etc etc. You need to stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. This will stop the symptoms by relaxing you. Google how you can stimulate your parasympathetic nerves or watch youtube videos. Also listen to Claire Weekes audio books. They cured me without medication. If you want to get well you must do this. But first thing first. Stop worrying about what your area feeling, that are only feelings and won't harm you. Relax.

  • I usually wake up with this. Comes on after an eventful dream or it causes the dream, I don't know. Either way, it's awful. I have a ticking clock beside my bed so that when I wake up, I count the ticks. It seems to take my mind off my heart beat. Don't worry about the ticking keeping you awake because it's something you can get used to and it becomes comforting. I got it solely for the purpose of taking my mind away from myself. Hope it eases for you.

  • Betablockers

    I cannot stress enough how much these of help me with my pounding heart

  • Thank you everyone it helps to know I'm not alone in this

  • Hi - has anyone found that elevated or weak adrenal levels are relevant to these symptoms ?

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