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IT HAPPENED AGAIN! I was sitting watching netflix when i stopped breathing my heart picked up and i got so scared! it only happens now and then, but its happened maybe twice in the past two weeks and each episode it happens three or four times. it gets less and less but at first it terrifies me because i think its the last time ill breath. The thing is I am so scared to die and i feel like i will when these things happen. I try and calm down but it takes a few hours and even after it takes a few days for my eye sight to get back to normal.

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hi this happened to me once in a while I got told it was severe panic attack in the beginning.still get them from time to time but no where near as bad.its better to get checked out just in case.hope its nothing to worry about.

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thank you do you take any pills???

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And do you by chance know why it happens??

Racing heart is common with anxiety. You can be relaxed then bang! If you’ve been checked out medically, then that is some reassurance however equally it still frightens you when it happens. The good old ‘fight/flight response’ when I get bad palpations/thuds of the heart I used to do the 4-7-8 breathing and it would calm down.

So breathe in through the nose for 4 seconds. Hold breath for 7 seconds and breathe out for 8 seconds. I’m not saying that will help for everyone but it did me. X

im not sure but after I had an operation on my back and leg It started happening I was given pills but never took them.

When you say you stop breathing what do you mean , for a second you feel your breath taken away or you just can’t breath for in or out for how long ?


I cant breath in or out for about ten seconds. My docs said it was nothing

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