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Is this anxiety?

I started having heart palpatations around 3wks ago and a racing heart rate. Went to docs who told me I have anxiety. I had blood tests and an ECG just to be on the safe side and they both came back ok. I have been to docs 4 times in 3 weeks as I am convinced there is something worse wrong with me and the docs are missing it. I wake up with a racing heart every morning and have the occasional hot sweats, I feel nauseous but am not actually sick. I feel weak and tired, though I tend to get better through the day. I stupidly google every little symptom I get and on the one hand I get anxiety symptoms and on the other it tells me my symptoms could be that of heart disease/heart failure and I can't get this out of my head. I am convinced something bad is going to happen to me & my son will be left motherless & it scares the hell out of me, leaving me a crying wreck at times. I get the odd pain in my chest and arms but nothing major but I just feel weak in my chest. I've had 3x physical exams of my heart/lungs too - all normal. I am on tablets to lower my heart rate but that's it. Can this really just be anxiety when I feel so so ill?

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Hi yes it sure sounds like anexity try not to worry too much N also googling yr symtoms Is a hard thing not to do it's true it brings up the worst case

Has yr gp prescribed you anything for the anexity? I too av ad bloods done all came back fine

Sum of my symptoms are


Dizziness / wobbly

Jelly legs



Headaches constant



Feeling drunk as,a better way to put it

Heart palpitations / chest pain

Twitching in face

Pins N needles left side

N the list can go on

Try N stay calm N try a relaxing app for yr phone or I find cleaning helps anything take yr mind off the anexity N what goes on in our heads

U are not alone just remember that we ab all been there N we've all thought the same but try telling yr self it's the anexity or brains just think worst case scenario too it's human nature once yiy accepts anexity the symtoms ease

Hope this helps xx


Thank u, it does help knowing other people suffer the same as me & im not alone. As we speak i feel dizzy etc & for seemingly no reason. I just want to feel normal again!!! Xx


I have the exact same story. We just have to convince ourself it's anxiety and treat just that...this too shall pass;)


That is great advice, i had the same situation;)


Hey, you sound exactly the same as me! I have also been to the doctors to find nothing wrong with me. I also have a son who I worry about playing down the park with because of my heart rate increasing. It would seem no matter what the doctors say I'm never 100% convinced. I'm am quite new to all this so don't have alot of advice to give you at the moment. I did find that this site and seeing I am defo not the only one going through this has helped. Rational thinking would tell me that all us guys having the same fear on here, the doctors can't be wrong about us all! Although I know this is next to no help at all when your panicking. It's an awful situation. I guess all we can do is try and trust the doctors and their experience, as I guess they know waaaayyyy more than us on this stuff! If I have any new advice or solutions for you, ill sure send it your way. Keep your head up, take deep breathes as you have many years left in you yet ! :)


Thank u, i want to believe the docs i really do, but my head keeps saying different! Im glad i found this site though, its nice being able to communicate with people who have experienced what i am going through x

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Same just happening to Me my head came on N then got that feeling that I'm gonna pass out N gone all tingly just took sum nurofen for tension headaches hope it works as it's just sweeped over me again ears throbing

Feels like there sumat in my throat x


Sounds just like me!!! The first time I went to the hospital for racing heart and all the horrible feelings was 20 yrs ago. My how time flies! I went again in early May my heart was going so fast. I've been to dr so many times! I'm also on pills to lower heart rate. I didn't realize how common all of this is!!! I also wake with racing heart in the morning and last year had night sweats. Sometimes think it's hormones but I don't know. I have to force myself to not Google this stuff so I'm on here with supportive understanding people! My best to you sweetie! Take care of yourself! I'll be thinking of you 😊


Thank u all for your comments/support etc. Really helps knowing others are going through the same x


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