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I recently been in and out of er and doc. With rapid heart rate and shaking and hot flashes. They did a ekg which was normal and a ct and x ray which was fine. So the er gave me xanax 1mg. But now if I don't take the xanax I become very light headed and then when I take it I'm back to normal self. Am I dying is somthing Wrong with me??? I just wanna cry I'm 22 btw.

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Sounds like menopause and xanax withdrawal, if you stop it the anxiety symptoms become more severe have to wean off of it..the hot flashes definitely hormonal.but the heart racing can be attributed sometimes to mitral valve prolapse, common in women and can sometimes cause a rush of adrenaline making your heart and body race..I wish I could say there was any safe treatment for menopausal symptoms..using hormones is deadly it gives you breast cancer, so yeah drs use benzodiazepines, its just dose changing or not taking seesaws the more on google on xanax.its rough with both symptoms youre having..

See if they can give you a different tranquilizer..xanax gave me horrific anxiety years ago and withdrawal was to the hormonal symptoms best to find a place where you can go swim, my friends who never took premarin, all said body exercise and circulation is the one thing that helps hot flashes.

Hope you try to feel better and balance yourself carefully..


I'm only 22 don't think it's menopause lol... how can they tell if I have a prolapse??? The doc said my heart sounds healthy... but idk what experiencing is a adrenaline rush or not. I get these feelings all the time like butterflys in my chest the type you get in your stomach and it will last only a few seconds


Sounds like anxiety. If xanax helps Maybe just take lowest dosage that is comfortable for you and then make sure you sleep 7-8 hours, keep mind active, exercise (i did lots of walking ), eat healthy meals and snacks. Keep your blood sugar kevel, dont be alone, be with friends and family and just talk about anything. Takes your mind off anxiety but if you experience dont give in to it. Double your efforts to tell this feeling you are in control. Anxiety is at worse when you fear it. Take short walk around block, breath and tell yourself you are fine. Wont happen overnight but it will get better. DONT GOOGLE. It will get better over time. Stay active and involved in life.


Youd didnt give your age,but id get a heart scan for the mitral, and regulated xanax..that drugs causing the anxiety im sure, off on withdrawal.


I'm 22


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