follow up from my appointment

My doctors appointment was s**t.

My doctor is a c**t, pardon my language.

She refuses to do anything. She said that its just my anxiety and I need to be on anxiety medicine and to get put into a mental hospital. She is crazy. I am at my wits end. I know that it is not JUST MY ANXIETY. Then she refused to do a complete blood count and to look at my ears and throat and dismissed my elevated antibody levels. But she did feel the need to check my throat for Chlamydia even though I am not sexually active. I just need HELP and someone to look beyond my ANXIETY!!!!!!!!!

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  • wel il tell you what most docs quacks i find have not got a clue my one ages ago was saying this that it was like her five next people and me chatting about it and she got mad and hump saying this do that to help i said wait min have you ever had anxiety or fillings get with body mind most days nights like f**k has she so said what do you do read books go on net or listen to people that have it yet never had it your self so what the f**k you on about do this that it helps she had right arsehole with me that i made her look like a c**t in front all people there with me her but its true if not had it how the f**k you know all in outs it and ment to be exbert about it yer sure looked like it to me have meds have meds itgo away whens that when dead of old age+think we all f**kingnuts crazy mad wel we not prob end up like that tho going there a ha ha any one think same with this what saying im right?

  • Once they think so they think your crazy and if you are sick they do nothing I thought I would be dead by now day after day is getting to hard I feel your pain

  • I'm sorry that you're appointment went so badly. Your post resonated with me because my GP is also problematical which is why I'm looking to find another GP. Problem is, my condition is complicated. Finding a good GP is worth more than gold as far as I'm concerned.

    Are you able to look for another GP? Don't settle for the first one you find. Talk to talk them. Get a feel for what they'd be like and then decide.

    But for now, try and relax. Have a warm bath and let your mind float away to happier things.

  • My anxiety issues were terrible. They didn't improve until I went on medication and learned to accecpt it was "just anxiety". I'm sorry you're going through such a tough time and I hope you find the answers you're looking for.

  • This happen to me! Get a second opinion. Go to a new doctor. Get a fresh pair of eyes to look at you. That's what I did.

  • I know that I do have anxiety but it is WAYYYYYY escalated with this stuff. And the fact that my strep levels are 700 when they are supposed to be 20 along with other stuff also raises issues with me as well. But they are very quick here to medicate you and send you through the ringer.

  • Hi

    I am having the same problem with doctors. I have had problems with my throat for the last few months. They keep telling me it's either anxiety or silent reflux and treat for them . I say no its not either of them but it is making my health anxiety through the roof. I hardly eat as I can't stand the feeling of something sticking to the throat then I gag retch cough and spit up loads of phlegm trying to clear it for the next couple of hours. I just can't take it much longer and am at a loss. Now the throat has been swollen this week I have seen a&E and doctors and they are not concerned easy for them .

    Hope you find the answers and get the help you need .take care


  • Yes I want to see a psyciatrist or someone who specialise in anxiety not a gp who deals with every thing and is a specialist in nothing. I don't feel confident that they know enough about anxiety and to take meds from someone who is not a specialist scares me more.

  • Could not agree more and every time I go to the GP I get a different one with different ideas so no treatment ever gets completed. I also see a cbt therapist but she is always on holiday I seen her twice in the last ten weeks when I said to my gp about changing she said I was luck to be getting it . You try to help yourself and get grief for it . These people should try living the way we do for a while then they would be sympathetic

  • Ive been there and done that. i would say 90% of doctors dont have a clue about anxiety symptoms after they rule out everything medically related. If your concerned about strep, have you seen an ENT specialist? Anxiety and stress affect our blood results too.

  • I have an appointment for the ENT. They ran my results and stated that they think this is all from the strep since my symptoms worsened with it and I never really got better even with antibiotics. She thinks that me having a T&A will help seeing the levels I am at but my Primary says that this is only a condition in children not adults and says it is just my anxiety and to see a psychiatrist because I could be bipolar. She also refused to swab me again for strep even though my glands are extremely swollen but swabbed me for some std yet I am not sexually active. She just jumps from one extreme to the other. I realize and address the fact that yes I do have anxiety but nothing in this manner since that started. It is very weird.

  • these are how my labs read and you can see my concern:

    antistreptolysin 0 ab is 500.4 (range 0-200)

    ebv ab vca is 72.2 (range 0-35)

    ebv nuclear antigen is >600 (range is 0-17)

    ab, igg is >600 (range is 0-17)

    alt sgpt is 86 (range is 0-30)

    m pneumoniae igg abs is 925 (range is 0-99)

    anti-dnase b strep is 475 (range is 0-120)

  • Yeah I would not see your primary and just stick with the ENT specialist. It sounds like the chicken or egg scenario with ya (strep or anxiety). Honestly it sounds like both could be exacerbating each other. Keeping calm can get help with anxiety but I can see how strep can be a stressor on the body if thats the case. See the specialist you feel confident with so it can ease your worry. Im no expert but Ive lived with anxiety enough to know what I have and dont have and that helped me. Also, check out The therapist on the website suffered and healed from anxiety and he's pretty good and knowing the difference between medical cases and anxiety cases. It may help a lot.

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