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Throat/voice box pain from being tense all the time?

Ok since the beginning of the year I've had constant sore throat and pains. Doctors take a quick look and say my throat isn't showing signs of infection or anything that it might be due to acid reflux. Sometime when I clear my throat I hear a pop feel it too and pain with it, and with a feeling like blood is in there ( I don't know if that is just in my head, doctor said if that were the case I would spit out blood or throw up ). Can this also be due to being tense all the time my jaw is always clenching and my neck is always tight and painful from all this anxiety what do you think press for more studies or it's my anxiety

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If your doctor thinks it's okay physically, and doesn't see the need to do more tests, I think it's probably anxiety. One of the skills of a good GP is figuring out when there is no need to do further tests; not (just) because of the cost to the NHS, but because it's inconvenient for the patient and some of the tests are unpleasant.

I get something that's a bit similar. When I'm going to sleep, I sometimes have the sensation that there is something stuck in my throat. Coughing or clearing my throat doesn't change anything. Interestingly this sensation is so common in people with anxiety that it's one of the diagnostic criteria for GAD! Like you I've had it checked by the doctor and there is nothing physically wrong.


Thank you for answering my question. It's daunting when I start breathing heavily through my mouth be it from walking to just anxiety attack this pain hits me mainly on the left side and it's a pain like your trying to a swallow something sharp. I heard angina causes this but like I said the doctors just take a quick look without much thought or say. I've been seen by plenty and they all say the same, I'm 25 so they also say not possible cause I'm young. I've seen plenty of friends get diseases cancers that are supposed to be for old people so why can't they take it seriously for everyone? I myself had cervical cancer at 17 the doctor said I didn't have to worry until I was in my 50s to get something like that and when she found that I indeed had cancer she apologized. :( can you see my dilemma? I have asked to do more studies but they say they don't want to expose me to more radiation? Like


It's awful that you had cervical cancer at 17—I'm not surprised you ended up feeling anxious about your health!

The fact that you had one unexpected health problem doesn't make you more likely to get an unrelated one. Bad luck doesn't follow people around, so you are no more likely to get angina than any other 25 year old. Do you have any risk factors for heart disease, or any other angina symptoms?

Of course, I can't prove that you don't have heart disease. All anyone can do is show that the risk is pretty low, that it blends into the everyday risks that we all have to accept.

I find that's one of the strange things about my anxiety. It always becomes focused on one particular risk, and ignores all the others. After a while something changes and I start worrying about something else, but it's still just one thing.

Whether you decide to push for more tests or not, good luck!


I guess thats when my anxiety attacks started and my hypochondriac ways went thru the roof. No other risk factors that I know of, as for other symptoms I get this sharp pain in my chest when I'm out and about doing errands, people around me say that I look tense and it seems as though I forget to breath, maybe that's do to anxiety?

When you are focused on that "one thing", does it cause you to feel those symptoms that you know it causes?


To be honest my anxiety isn't usually about health, so it's difficult to answer.

The sensation of having something stuck in my throat started when I had something wrong with my thyroid. The thyroid is wrapped round the trachea, so sometimes people notice thyroid cancer because of the sensation of pressure on the throat.

I suppose the answer to your question is yes, in that case. I was worried that my thyroid problems could be caused by something serious, and then 'by magic' I noticed something that could be a symptom of thyroid cancer.


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