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Feelings of faintness

I've got 4 days left of a two week holter monitor, then I turn it in. The Cardiologist thinks this is all caused by anxiety. I don't really feel anxious though. This is news to me.. Can I be anxious without feeling anxious? I literally don't think I worry about anything. Is anybody else in the same boat?

Last night, I felt like I was on my way out. The words I spoke didn't seem real, my arms and legs went numb and I was falling away from everything around me. To be honest, it did make me nervous, but at the same time, I was so hungry that I felt weird and I just drank a beer in about 5 mins. (I never drink but a beer every few months) Could it all be caused by that?

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Hi rockthekasba, Yes, this can all be caused by anxiety but the results of the holter monitor will prove it. You can be suffering from anxiety without feeling anxious. It's not always that clear cut.

Last night being so hungry can produce those symptoms and make you feel weird. Drinking down a beer fast wasn't the best choice. The alcohol on an empty stomach no doubt went straight to your head. As well as making you dehydrated. I wonder if you hadn't eaten maybe you hadn't had any water as well. Dehydration adds a lot to not feeling well throughout your body as well as low blood sugar from not eating. There's no fuel in your body. Well we learn by our mistakes each and every one of us.

wishing you a better night.


Thank you, Agora1

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I'll bet that you're never fully switched off from your anxiety or heart worries in tbe back of your mind especially with this monitor. You might be physically calm which is reassuring but you'll be on high alert still (it's a special power we possess lol), and any little sensation will be noticed and considered potentially harmful - pins and needles, a little "woozy" due to sleepiness or hunger or thirst.

I think so much focus on feeling calm relaxed and feeling safe and in good health that we- the anxious bunch can be guilty of doing , it can be detrimental sometimes because of feelings that could be considered normal (if you're hungry, tired, exert yourself or effects of alcohol) aren't tolerated anymore. I don't know, it's just an idea that makes sense to me ...

Feeling light headed has sent me into full blown panics before, it didn't occur to me that I wasn't sleeping well or eating regularly, I just knew light headedness was wrong!!!

I hope you feel okay now, anyway :)


Thanks Bananamilkshake79, I think you're right about the anxiety never switched off.


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