Hi everyone I'm new to this but I suffer really bad with anxiety to the point where I don't really leave the house. I'm on meds for this and I'm about to go in for my second lot of worked for a while but it's back with vengeance. I'm thinking about hypnotherapy but it's so expensive can someone please help me thankyou for taking the time to read this x


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  • Hiya... I had hypnotherapy once..... Worked wonders bit was costly and had to stop x xxx

  • But did it work for u xx

  • Yes at the time !!!! But I had to stop .... So.... X

  • So it's abit like counselling it works while your there then once your done so is the treatment effects x

  • No not really ... My hypnotist gave me techniques and an audio cd .... You gotta keep doing it.... I thought I was fixed so I stopped stupidly x

  • Oh ok so it defo worth ago thankyou so much for talking to me it's much appreciated have a wonderful day x

  • Hypnotherapy does help, does work but like you say, so expensive. Insurance doesn't cover it.

  • I don't know anything about hypnotherapy but if you decide to do it I pray that it helps you. Having extreme anxiety (or any kind) is awful to live with and I commend you for seeking help. Take care :-)

  • takes 20mg of propanolol per day. Does alcohol affect this?

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