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Infection is giving me a lot of anxiety

I was under a lot of stress last week, due to my Chem class. Something weird started happening with my urine. A yellow substance was in it and if fell to the bottom of the toilet. I let this go on for about a week thinking it would go away on its on. I went to a minor emergency clinic and she told me it was a UTI. It was weird because I didn't have any pain. She called back two days later to tell me that an organism called pseudomona is growing in my urine. She perscribed Cipro 500 mg. I have to take it twice a day for five days. I'm been on edge because I really want this to go away. This bacteria can kill people. I'm super scared. Has anyone ever had this infection before?

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No I have not had this infection before but the positive thing here is that maybe it can kill people if left untreated but you are been treated so you will be fine :-)

If they thought for one minute that the treatment would not work they would not have just sent you home with 5 days of medication they would have had you straight in the hospital , so try & relax , take the meds , 5 days will soon pass and you will be better :-)

Take Care x

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