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Having a bad time with my anxiety and OCD for a long time now

Hi all I haven't been on here for a while but I think this forum is excellent and great support...... I've been having bad thoughts for 4 years now and they been comin and going and the last couple months it's been terrible the thoughts gets worst it's like I get a thought and some time I feel islated and outta control and I feel I can't do anything and I feel as my body don't feel right but does anyone get this with ocd when they get horrible thoughts the thoughts switches the other way and says yeah it's what you wanna do and then ur like no it's not and then you get this feeling where you don't no where your coming and going and have to sit and think about it and then finally it's gets back to what you want???? It's horrible don't no where I coming or going I just want to be normal and have a happy life someone help me please

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I have bad thoughts too,but i thought i was the only one.every morning when i wake up there already there and it makes me depressed really bad.and i have them all day.


They do go away in time. The key is letting the thoughts pass knowing they arent real.


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