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Worried about neck lump and uneven pupil size

Hey everyone :)

About two months ago,I started to feel very anxious about my health. It started with persistent headaches and my neurologist said that those are tension headaches and that there's nothing to worry about. I have done MRI brain scan and it came back normal. I haven't experienced headaches lately,but I felt a lump in the left side of my neck,beneath the end of my jawline. It is painful at times and I feel discomfort in my throat on that side. I also have uneven pupil size,I'm really concerned as I read that it can be a symptom of a more serious illnesses. I'm really scared and worried it's something serious. I'm 18 years old.

Did anyone experience similar problems? Thanks for reading.

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Hi kate5, the pea size lumps that you may be feeling beneath the jaw line are your lymph nodes. Causes could be abscess tooth or sore throat. A visit to the doctor will not only alleviate your fears but start you on medication if necessary. Feel better soon.


Hi Agora1,thanks for your reply. I also thought it might be a lymph node, but I'm a bit worried because it's swollen and it sometimes hurts. I will visit my GP as soon as possible.


kate5, I'm glad to hear you will be seeing your doctor soon. Let us know how you do. Wishing you well. x


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