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Prom+Anxiety= Help!

Hi everyone,

So to give you some background, I have really bad social anxiety. I have difficulty making eye contact, I freeze in social situations and it feels like my brain literally stops working. I'm also very self aware, and constantly focus on the way I look or how I'm sitting to make sure I don't do anything stupid. I'm afraid when people look at me that it's because I am so ugly that they are in disgust... I have really low self esteem. It is currently 1:36 am as I am typing this and my prom is at 5pm. I can't sleep because I am so nervous. Firstly, I don't have a date. I feel awkward and self concious going without one and I dont wan't people to judge me. However, my friends are all going without dates too. Second, I don't have many friends. The friends I have are more like acquaintances and I'm not super close with them. I have one close friend and she is coming (also without a date). The issue is... she's a social butterfly. She is very talkative and takes off every 2 seconds to talk to a bunch of random people I don't know. This has happened before and I kinda just awkwardly follow her and stand on the side while she has conversations. I usually end up panicking and leaving in situations like this. I'm really scared I'll be left all alone. I'm not good at making conversation and I feel self concious eating infront of others. I'm very critical of myself so I already know I'll feel bad about myself going because I'll hate the way I look, even though I'll spend hours on hair/makeup. Plus, I have no plans for a ride there so I'll probably have my mom drive me alone (lame) and meet my friends there. And no plans for after prom either. I feel like everything is so wrong and I'm freaking out. I don't know how I'll make it through the night. I'm considering backing out but I've spent so much money on my dress and accessories and I know my mom will make me go. I'm scared!! (Sorry, I know this post is all over the place and chaotic but thats how it feels in my head right now)

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please dont back out. prom is such a big thing. its okay i was beyond nervous and awkward as hell. give this a chance to just let loose. or just hang out. if you feel overwelmed you can always step out or take time to yourself. dont let the anxiety control you. remind yourself you are in control and enjoy yourself please!!!!!!!

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Thank you so much. I already feel a tiny bit less anxious about it. I guess knowing that it's okay to step out if I need to makes it a bit more bearable.


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