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Seems like I was having a decent day until after I worked out. I started having burning at the top of my middle back when I would move my shoulder blades inward. So I started fearing the worse and for some odd reason being worry about a stroke, remind you I'm not even 30. Idk why Everytime I try to do something positive for myself my Anxiety take over, I'm back in school now and have a class later and taking myself out of going feeing not in control. Sorry Just worried and Venting.

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Hi Golden Girl: the burning you were feeling in the middle of your back is just the muscles being exercised. Actually, people who have a routine exercise regimen feel that burn and to them it's a good feeling. Oxygen is getting to those tight muscles. Drinking water will help, You will be in control if you go to class later. Don't let your mind take you down that negative path. Take care. x


Thank you very much, you were right I got better by the evening and I went to class day ended much better

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Hi GoldenGrl

I agree with Agora1

Do not worry about STROKE!, but if you want to know here are the warning signs: In short you can sum it up as FAST.


F – Face drooping: Is one side of the face drooping or numb. Is the person’s smile uneven?

A – Arm weakness: Weakness or numbness in one arm. Ask the person to raise his/her arms. Is one arm drifting forward?

S – Speech difficulty: Is the person’s speech slurred? Is it hard to understand the person or is he/she unable to speak? Can the person repeat a simple sentence like “The sky is blue”

T– Time to call an emergency number, in the USA 9-1-1, Europe 112, UK and other countries 999: Call an emergency number if someone shows any of these symptoms even if the symptoms go away. Get the person to the hospital immediately, and check the time the first symptoms appeared, because it can help the doctors in the treatment procedure.


Thank you I see I'm alive and well today it was just my Anxiety

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Try writing something like a journal about your anxiety, and the fact that you overcame this attack!

It will be like a small "monument of victory" that you can look back on and say "I have conquered this before, I can do this again!"


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