Lab Results :(

So I got my lab results today and my doctor thinks I do infact have PANDAS. My results showed levels of over 600 where the high end of "normal" is only 22. I am literally freaking the hell out right now because alot of them (almost half the labs) are like that. My doctor wont be able to see me until tomorrow but in my head I feel like I am dying. This is beyond overwhelming.


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  • teemarie, what does this all mean? I am not familiar with PANDAS. I hope when you see your doctor tomorrow he will be able to relieve some of your concerns and let you know what the course of treatment is. Meanwhile, I can only imagine what you are going through during the waiting period. But I also know that nothing I could say would offer you some relief from your overwhelming feeling right now. I think you know what suggestions any of us would have for you right now but would you be able to do relaxation and deep breathing in this state? I know I can't when over the edge. I hope others will join in on comforting you today. At least you know that we understand the feeling and how frightening it can be. Having something that scares you that is tangible is different than a fear that comes out of no where. Anxiety wise it is controlled the same way, just that it's much harder. I'm sure you have heard in real life and as well as tv shows when a person is stressed out, the best people can offer is that it's going to be okay and just take some deep breathes. I wish you well teemarie. Sending my support and hugs. xx

  • pandas is usually found in children but adults can get it as well. it is where strep attacks other parts of your body and gives you an onset of anxiety, depression, ocd, tics, etc which is what happened to me within days. my antibodie tests came back at over 600 where it is supposed to only be in the 20s as high normal. my other tests came back high as well. i think it has to be treated with antibiotics but the main ones used i am allergic to so im not sure what they will have to do. i always had anxiety which was managable then last month everything spiralled downwards. im not sure what causes it but im praying they can figure something out. the insurance here is not that great and doesnt cover alot so we will have to decide a plan. its just overwhelming seeing results which are so substantial and high and not knowing what is the cause. i have been practicing breathing it helps trust me but now i feel more crazy!

  • Thanks teemarie for explaining it to me. I understand your concern because I've had that several times with my liver function tests coming back abnormally high. I remember the doctor telling me to leave my troubles with him and not to worry. Right now it sounds like that is the best thing you can do. In this day and age, I'm sure there must be other alternative he could use that you wouldn't be allergic to. I'm glad to hear you are doing the deep breathing. It's better than just having the anxiety escalate. Wishing you calmer thoughts. xx

  • thank you agora <3 :)

  • Hi teemarie, I meant to address a couple other things. One being what the doctors do for PANDAS as well as how you are feeling being off Prozac. Did the symptoms finely come down. Are you going to try Buspar? You have a lot going on which feeds into your anxiety. I think once you get treatment for these issues you anxiety level may go down some. The rest will be up to you bringing it down the rest of the way. I wish you better days ahead. xx

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