Got my blood results back and turns out im not hypo/hyperthyroid after all so it must be just anxiety still got the strangulation feeling in my neck though at one point my friend got diagnosed with throat cancer so I thought I had it then I read something in the paper about laryngeal cancer (not sure if thats spelt correct) and I thought it was written especially for me anybody else get that feeling asif a illness is written especially for you if you suffer with health anxiety


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  • Hey :) I do every illness I hear about I've got it my boyfriends dad was telling me his dad died from bowel cancer and surprise surprise I also have it (I don't I went docs the other day) and I still think I have it now.. I've had everything brain tumours, aneurysms, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer you name it I've got it 🙈 It's the worst I'm quite slim so I can feel around my stomach and find thing and think of the worst possible thing!! My doctor told me there's hundreds of thousands of diseases and it's interesting it's always cancer with me!! It's frustrating having health anxiety I'm only 25 I should be out enjoying life like I used to a few months ago!! Wish it would disappear now but until I get help it probably won't!.x

  • Im also quite thin so when I feel around my neck I can feel lumps and bumps I went to docs and they felt my neck and said everything felt normal. When I was 19 I thought I had ovarian cancer because of symptoms I had it turned out it was because of depo injection im 23 now and I still think im ill

  • Aww can feel everything in my neck too especially my lymph nodes at the back instantly in my head it was lymphoma but the doc says there tiny so I'll move on to something else!! Horrible isn't it I pulled a muscle earlier 😬 Thought I was dying!! X

  • When im eating it feels asif food is getting stuck in my throat and I have this tight throat feeling while trying to eat so I end up having a panic attack I still think I have throat cancer and the doc missed something even though she said it was anxiety related and because everytime I swallow food im concentrating too much on swallowing the food and thats why I get the food stuck feeling. Are you from UK.

  • I went off food for quite a while I literally had to force food down my throat where I badly want to put on weight!! I also thought every time I went docs they weren't checking me properly or having the wrong bloods back but I now believe everything he tells me is true and that I'm fine! Yeh I'm from Bristol! Has your doctor out you in for cbt? I start mine soon hopefully that will work!.x

  • But having the reassurance that I'm fine only lasts a little bit until I freak out again and have another illness 🙈 X

  • The doctor gave me a number and told me to phone them myself but I havent had time yet

  • I had to call aswell.. Get in there as soon as you can coz some waiting lists are ridiculous! I start mine Wednesday only had to wait 2 weeks 😊 X

  • Hi ladies go read my post. I had a traumatic experience when I was 16 I'm now 26 and I have been suffering for 10 years with stress, worry, anxiety and fear. I was scared and having panic attacks daily. I tried paxil and it worked for me. My panic and anxiety level went from a 10 to a 2.

  • My doctor actually asked me if I wanted medication but I said no because it scares me 😩 I brought some neurofen read the box and it scared the shit out of me 🙈!! I actually just read your story! I had an emergency c section and I felt like I couldn't breathe so there was someone stood over me telling me what was happening.. I would love to know where my anxiety has come from because I've never had it before!x

  • I never had anxiety before either I had my first baby then started having panic attacks then I had my second baby and while I was pregnant didnt have a panic attack I started having them again when she was 3month old I had a planned c-section with second baby cos she was breech

  • It could be that. To me I kept feeling like I was paralyzed and that scared the crap out me. I think becoming a mother caused my anxiety lol!

  • Yeah it was becoming a mother that probably caused mine lol. X

  • I will google paxil and see what the UK version is

  • I have just read the post about you been shot and suffering all the anxiety if that was me I would not know how to cope but you have done the right thing in seeking help I actually cant believe how much you have been through and at such a young age

  • Yes it is over whelming at times. That's why everyday I try to make my life and situation better. If you ever have questions or need to talk just let me know :)

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