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Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. I'm 32 and from Fife and had a total hysterectomy in December 2014 after multiple miscarriages (8 in total), and years of Endometriosis. Then there was the adjustment period of being on HRT and going through early menopause too. So now, after being diagnosed with anxiety, juggling being a carer for my father and trying to study for a degree, I am finally looking to the future and feel ready to start connecting with others who have similar circumstances.

That's basically my story in a few lines. So hello again and speak to you soon xx

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Hi Mhars84, welcome to the anxiety forum. There is a wonderful, caring group of people that can relate to your anxiety symptoms and questions. We are here for each other, glad you could join us. Take care.


Thank you Agora1, much appreciated. x


Hello & Welcome :-)

You have been through such a lot and still caring for your Father at the same time as studying and yet you sound so positive with your outlook you should feel proud and realize you must be a very strong women :-)

Like Agora has already said we try & help each other and hope as well as giving support where you can you will post if and when you need a listening ear to :-)

Take Care x


I just try my best as that is all we can do. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger or so I convince myself! x

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Hello and welcome! Goodness, you've had such a tough time and I'm sorry for that.

A question: I'm curious as to how you manage studying and doing assignments. Does it make your anxiety worse?


I actually really enjoy the studying so luckily it doesn't make my anxiety worse. I find I need to be a bit strict with myself though and make sure I set blocks of time aside and do the work. I took a year off the course because I just couldn't keep up and went through a bit of a tough patch and I am due to start again in October. I'll see how I get on then lol x


Ok, thank you for responding. Best wishes with it all!


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