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Hello, another newbie here!

Just joined up and wanted to say hi. I'm 39 and have gotten through the last years by avoiding ...well, most things really, and convincing myself I'm OK. But Friday night I got so uncharacteristically drunk I had to be taken home in an ambulance. My poor husband was really scared for me and my eyes are bloody from vomiting so I figure I should go to my GP and get some help. I have to go alone because hubby starts a new job tomorrow. I'm a bit scared.

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Hello and welcome to the site :-) tell the GPS exactly how u feel. I cryed to my GPS and was there everyday, they r there to help u. As for being drunk it does make anxiety worser. Last time I drank just ova a yr ago, I was really really drunk. I walked into a packed nightclub and started having a bad panic attack. I kept the OH up till half four in the morning. I was drunk and needed to be sick but cudnt plus the panic attack was big. All the way home in a taco all I saI'd to my mate and the driver was I needed to go to the hos xxx


You're so right - alcohol just makes things worse. My husband said I was squealing like a little kid and didn't want anyone to help me. Except one ambulance man's left shoe - I apparently took a shine to that! God, I feel so embarassed.


Hello & Welcome

I am sorry you are experiencing what sounds like anxiety & I relate to pretending everything is OK when it isnt , but you have made a start , by joining here , everyone understands & supports each other & its a big help just to no you are not on your own

Try not to worry about going to see the GP , I no that can be easier said than done , but they have heard it all before & with their support as well you can start dealing with this

Think about what you would like , before you go , maybe meds might be something you wouldnt mind trying or there is counselling which helps , if you no what you may like to try , then ask for what it is as they dont always offer or tell you , especially the counselling

Also , make notes , as alot of us can forget to say what we want as we can feel anxious when we get there & if we are struggling to talk , we can pass the notes to them & let them read how we feel , I have done that before & many more have to

I hope you make your appointment as soon as you can & let us no how you go on

Keep talking on here





Thanks for the tips. I do get tongue-tied under stress - that's a good idea about the notes.


Thanks guys. Good to know I'm not alone :)


Hi Richi welcome to the site, lots of nice people on here, all supporting and advising each other where they can, keep us posted how the doc goes. :)




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