Vehicle accident

Taking my son up to Tesco 2pm in morning and seen a dead what looked like a 13 year old boy . A van white van with a couple of guys was slowing my car down . I did stop just in case they neede a phone but he waved to say its ok and so I left . He was put in a survival position and on the way back two ambulances was still there and about 5 police cars. I thinking of some parents being knocked up being told their son is dead. I will let you knoww more when its on the news. I have a horrible horrible feeling in the pit of my guts a sadness. I cant get the image out of my mind cause he looked like my son step brother. Whatwas he ddoing dtessed in black with no lights on pitch dark road. So so sad.


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  • Very sad

  • That is so sad, i witnessed an accident one time but i never seen a body but the car was terrible the whole top off big semi car under it. Couldn't get it out of my head just happened last year. Keep me informed i pray for everyone involved

  • Hello Dodo

    So sad what you witnessed :-(

    Doctors can work miracles nowadays and I hope this is the case with this young boy that they worked a miracle and he is alright

    I know it will have played on your mind and when we get images when something has distressed us it can be hard to let go , when they pop in my head I try and push them out with some nice one's until eventually they fade

    Hope you are well today :-)

    Take Care x


  • Oh no terrible news. So sorry you had to witness this and I too, pray the boy pulls through. I have a 13 yr old son sitting here with me and just reading your post gave me shivers. So sad xx

  • Dodo, as something I have witnessed many times, you never get use to it. All you can do is say a pray for that life. Make it a reminder to live each day to the fullness. x

  • Well I watched the news in Caerphilly south Wales and the man was 22 yrs old dead at scene. I cant get seeing him just lying there. The panel van driver isn't being charged because i found out off my next door

    Neighbor that he shouldn't of been cycling there and he was dressed all in tight black clothes. No name as I think their still trying to inform family. I prey he never suffered. My stomach still feels funny not butterflies but an emptiness weird to explain.

    On a happier not I did what I can In garden being itd hot and sunny and keeping myself hydrated for wheñ my esophagus plays up.

    I also made sure I meditated one reason I ammmaking sure I do is it suppose to help when learning to play guitar it get the artistic juices flowing.

    I hope you all are well and will get back to you and replies later. Bye for now frainds. x.

  • Hello Dodo

    Just came on to look at this post or I would have not noticed you had replied and so sad to read what you have heard :-(

    I hope you are ok and looking after yourself :-)

    Take Care x

  • I mean Friends lol .

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