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Feel Like Im Going Crazy

So the past five days I have had severe anxiety attacks all day everyday. Then today I got my cycle. A week and a half early. I felt like crap but no anxiety like I could see things clearer if that makes sense. Now Im just laying here watching tv and got really really tired, broke out into hot sweats, shaky, tight chest. I feel like Im going crazy. Like I dont know the real me from the anxiety me. I am over this shit already! I have two little kids that need me to happy and healthy and Im just lost with it.

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Hang in there ! I understand what you feel on not feeling yourself but you will again just give it time and find a way to feel like who you are, like do a routine or spend time with your kids


I do but then it gets so overwhelming. For two weeks Im this crazy monster then for two weeks Im me. It gets depressing I just want to go back to who I was a few months ago. Its breaking my heart because I fear I will lose my kids over this and I love them more then I love life. I would die without them.


Hang in there. Ever since I had my panic attack Saturday, I've been totally off. I've been under a blanket with my two year old watching a Sesame Street marathon for 2+ hours now. Just keep telling yourself that your anxiety doesn't define you. And stay in your safe place. I'm seeing my therapist today. And getting back on meds. You are NOT your anxiety and you're not alone!

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