So I had really bad vertigo today. Not from anxiety, but actual vertigo that had me spinning. I couldn't stand and I went to the ER. Results.. All is well. Tests came back fine.

The vertigo shot me into a panic attack. I literally had never had one this bad before. I was soaked in sweat.

I notice all of my friends with anxiety seemed to have something happen today.

Have a great night


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  • Same thing, ER 3 weeks ago. Except mine had been happening for about a month. I went for a physical and all was well. its such a vague symptom I didn't know where to go next. not a little dizzy, like had to grab the wall a couple times. Finally went to er when it was bad and just would not stop every couple minutes. Had catscan and ekg, all was well. they did say I had fluid behind my ears but I have high blood pressure (controlled with meds) so I cannot take decongestants. suggested I go to my ent doc. I have ongoing ear and sinus problems but nothing major. so my ent apt is this week. ive had vertigo before, went to neurologist and it turned out to be "crystals" in my ears. I don't want to go thru that drama again. benign positional vertigo. but this time it is not positional, it just happens at random times. antivert doesn't work for me so they gave me valium. worked for a couple days but not now. it's improving. when Ive had vertigo in the past (not this prevalent) it just took time. it is getting better now but not totally good. I feel better that we both went to the er and had the major tests and all is well. I feel you, anxiety can cause dizziness but not like this. it made me feel like I cannot live this way, but mine is improving. hope yours does too. er doc told me she had it and it just took a couple months to go away. scary.

  • Thank you for your time in your response. It is comforting to know that all is well. Especially that I had my tests done when it all happened. It was a horrible feeling, but I feel great today. I skipped going to church and opted for a couple of Dr David Jeremiah podcasts instead and ended up finding the wisdom I had been praying for in an area of my life.

    I had expected it to return, but I've only minorly had it today! I was able to completely clean and rearrange my entire apartment!

    I've had the vertigo before, but just from anxiety, never from the crystals. They think this time, it could be from the crystals or an ear infection, but I also believe it could be from tight neck muscles as my neck and jaw felt tight.

    I'm so thankful to be feeling excellent today!

    I hope you feel better as well!

  • I understand how you feel it is as if all your body is vibrating and like you are moving or you will soon fall I had d same feeling yesterday night

  • I'm sorry to hear that, What do you do in those situations?

  • I suffer from anxiety , ibsD , restless legs . The dizziness you have felt could very well be due to labyrinthitis which is an inner ear problem . I have had this complaint three times and it makes you very dizzy . You must go to the doctor as it is easily treated if it is labyrinthitis. I had no infection but vertigo was really horrible.

  • Thank you Shon48. I plan on scheduling an ENT visit this week.

  • Hi Rockster321, I can feel what you went through. Its a horrible experience. When mine strikes, the ground spins, gets worse if I close my eyes or lie down. I have to sit and fix my eyes on a spot and not move for hours. I'll sweat all over, vomit until nothing comes out, still vomit. The ears will feel full and high pitch ringing (tinnitus). I realise through the years that if I do not get enough sleep or rest, it strikes.

    I guess, anxiety, depression aggravates it as one will probably be not getting enough rest or sleep.

    I need a week or two to fully recover after an episode.. recovery i mean being able to walk without feeling groggy or each time I move around, feel something swishing in my head,

    I take SERC 8mg and Stemetil. With Serc, I start in small dose (4mg) for 3 days and slowly increase it to 8mg then to 16mg. Maintain until I feel stable, then slowly ween back. Its not advisable to increase and decrease dosage abruptly. These are the advise from my ENT specialist. I suffer from Memiere's Syndrome.

  • Thank you for your edvise and assimilation. Yesterday I had anxiety knocking at the door the whole time and finally it hit me. I had it all happen at once and it was a ten. Second one I've ever had, possibly the worst. I've had the regular, daily dizziness or shooting feeling of fainting or like I'm fading away, but this was so different. I'm dealing with this different though. I can't explain it, but I'm not scared of it or of having it again. Today I feel completely fine, still a little dizzy and small pains in my chest, but I feel a peace beyond understanding. I feel genuinely happy and I thank God for that. Today has been an excellent day.

    How do you feel today?

  • Good to hear that you are feeling good. I'm fine if I take SERC and Stemetil. Thanks for your concern.

  • I discovered Epley maneuvers online. Used them last to bouts of vertigo and they worked!

    Maybe they can help. It calmed my anxiety when I had the second bout of vertigo, knowing the maneuvers worked before.

    Best of luck!

  • Thank you, David. I will definitely use them next time I experience it.

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