Rocking boat/floating feeling

Caught a bad case of vertigo last year, got all types of tests done went to the er a few times everything was fine. Shortly after the vertigo episodes went away I noticed this floating and rocking sensation almost a feeling like being on a boat or being moved by light waves its also and unsteadiness and its constant. I've been dealing with anxiety issues for years but this feeling has been the most consistent. I really need help knowing what this is and how can I treat it cause its making me miserable, someone please help.


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  • Hi there sorry you're having a rough time. I always get the falling dropping sensation. And it scares me but I got all the tests done in the world and the doctor reassure me that is only anxiety and anxiety can cause a lot of physical symptoms. Just do some breathing exercise and try to relax..hugs to u💞 i hope u feel better. I been struggling since age 8 im here if u need someone to talk too

  • Thank you! It's just good to know I'm not going crazy and it's people out there that can relate. I try to tell people thats close to me but they look at me like I'm crazy. I definitely need to do the breathing exercises to try to shake this feeling a little. Thanks for the advice and support ☺

  • Hi Jesse215, I've been on that same boat as you. I've had the pavement go down with every step I took. You are not alone. Unless a person has experienced it themselves, they cannot possibly understand the feeling. As the others have told you it does boil down to proper breathing. I use to catch myself holding my breath as I was walking which just increased the symptoms. It is not an overnite magic solution. Anything worthwhile takes time, patience and practice. YouTube has some great videos on doing deep belly breathing that helps in calming both the mind and the body. Practice it daily, until it becomes so automatic for you. Everyone breathes on their own but deep breathing takes a little retraining when you are anxious.

    Jesse, you will be okay. It will get better. We are all here to support each other. Make it a great day...Remember one small step at a time and you'll get there :)

  • Wow that was really encouraging I appreciate the help and I will definitely try that and try it daily. I believe It will help I just have to be consistent. Again appreciate the support! hope all is well with you.

  • :)

  • You welcome

  • I have this, too. I was treated for displaced crystals, in one ear using Epley manoeuver, but I expect they checked you for this possibility. I still have balance issues and suffer major anxiety. The two are linked. Try to accept these physical sensations and don't fear them, they are harmless, though difficult to carry on with day to day living.

  • Jesse, this could be anxiety which you say you have anyway and after the vertigo went the anxiety has latched on to the memory of the vertigo and your natural concern that it may return. On the other hand it could be physical, here in the U.K. there are tablets called Circ that doctors prescribe for vertigo and dizziness. They open up the blood vessels in the ear which can become narrowed, but this is usually only a problem for older people. I mention the Circ tablets because if your doctor prescribed some and you found they helped you would know the problem us organic. But if they made no improvement you would know it's most likely to be anxiety. If I were a betting man then based on what you say I think it's anxiety. Once again if your doctor would prescribe a few valium/diazepam tablets and you found they helped with the unsteadiness then you would know ut's anxiety for sure.

    If anxiety the way to recover is to stop stressing and obsessing about the symptoms, accept the symptoms for the moment calmly and with the minimum of fear. Because anxiety feeds on the fear we generate and it becomes a vicious circle of fear causing symptoms causing more fear causing more symptoms etc

    By accepting the symptoms you reduce the fear which over sensitises your nervous system and eventually your nervous system recovers and you feel normal once more.

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