Scared to death

Today is the worst I've had with my panic attacks, my head is spinning, I so nervous, my throat feel so heavy I have gephyrophobiacs, agoraphobia with panic disorder, GAD, PTSD severe major depressive disorder, I have an appointment tomorrow with a social security doctor yes across the bridge, I'm so scared to go over the bridge my MOM is taking me, I feel I gonna have a heat attack, I can't calm down. Please help me, I know my fear is not real but I can't stop the thoughts, please help me


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3 Replies

  • I know how you feel, yesterday I had severe anxiety non stop and panic attacks over and over. I have horrible agoraphobia, distracting yourself when you leave the house until you feel comfortable helps a lot, just think you need to do this, you need this to improve your life. Take a cool shower and do some positive talking to yourself. I hope you feel better!

  • natalie1212, I wish there were a magic pill we could take to rid ourselves of the fears we have. I understand all too well what you are going through anticipating your appointment tomorrow. I can only wish you well, wish you calm. I will be thinking of you and hoping everything goes okay. xx

  • I have a terrible fear of bridges. I will not drive across them. Nor will i travel to unfamiliar territory out of fear of coming up to a bridge. Ive seen a psychiatrist, tried hynosis, etc but nothing has worked. I feel so trapped. This is a terrible life to live. Im taking meds but nothing helps with overcoming this fear. I have tried to help myself get over this fear by attempting to drive over a brid. Huge mistake!!!! I got extremely dizzy, couldnt catch my breath, sweated profusely, slammed on brakes (nearly causing a calamity), and had to quickly find somewhere to pull over. I really need helo. I have missed out on job opportunities because of this extreme phobia. Just know that you're not alone.

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