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Health anxiety


Can someone help me please I've been diagnosed with GAD, but now seem to be focusing on my health I've had a twitch in my foot/leg now I'm worried I have all sorts of illnesses like ms. I'm also iron deficient and taking tablets and trying to reason with myself that it's the reason my leg /foot is twitching I feel like when I walk my legs are all over the place and it's getting to me. Is it just all anxiety I don't know really much about it apart from it's taking over my life

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Yes health anxiety is part of anxiety disorder and you need to try and get a handle on it before it takes over ! Check with your doctor but sometimes being deficient in minerals can cause twitching and it’s not going to kill you it just may be uncomfortable

Getting proper nutrients and supplements in your body will help that . Give the iron a chance to work . The other symptoms you describe sound like anxiety but I’m not a physician and you need to check with him or her first .Once they have given you a clean bill of health then you need to start working on the anxiety and stopping that fear cycle!

FEar feeds anxiety and anxiety fuels fear -And it goes on and on

Read through this forum -you will find some great insight and help with doing that

Meliejo in reply to Ronig1234

thank you for the reply ive been suffering for a year now thought i had control i have been ok for 8 weeks now, then since a water infection the health anxiety ha came back

I am exactly the same. Eight years ago I was diagnosed with GAD but over the last 4-5 months it has manifested as health anxiety. Since they are both anxiety based the steps to recovery would be the same. I’m currently reading Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Claire Weekes. It is an easy read and has been an eye opener! Good luck on your journey and know that you are not traveling alone!!

thank you im struggling at the min, i will order the book thanks,

As Ronig says, it is very common for anxiety disorder to morph from one form to another. It's because it is an error in your brain's response to fear and stress called maladaptive thinking/behavior. Educate yourself about it and how to recovery from it. Get help from a therapist or center that specializes in treating anxiety disorder if you feel you need additional support. There is a lot of good info on this site and also good books and resources people recommend.

Meliejo in reply to designguy

my doctor threw pills at me and never explained what it was that i was going through, i have been top see a coucillor but can only get in once a month by then ive mnaged it or its got out of control depending how i am

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