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Feeling shakey

Last couple of days I've been waking up feeling shaky and my body feeling heavy and struggling to get out of bed,it takes me a good while to get myself together and out of bed. When I'm walking about the house and doing stuff I'm not too bad, I still feel abit shaky inside but not as bad as I was in the morning. I get exhausted easily, I've only done abit of ironing and my heart felt like it was pounding but when I put my hand on my chest my heart beat felt OK, then I get all shaky again. I've been trying to take it easy today as I'm at work at 3 and don't want to do too much were I'm shaking again.

I feel fine in myself, I don't feel depressed or as much anxious as I use to feel, I'm sleeping fine, my shift hours isn't great as I don't go sleep till 1 in morning then awake between 7-7:30 for school run, but I've been doing this for months but so I'm fine with not a lot of hours sleep my body is use to it and it doesn't bother me.but when it's my days off I sleep all the way through, I just feel shaky inside constantly I'm more frushtrated as it's annoying. I've come along way in such a short time I've had this anxiety. I think if I didn't have this shakey feeling n feelin tired so easily I think I'd be ok. Does anybody else get shaky feelings and exhausted easily? If so how do you deal with it or over come it if you use to have the shaky feelings xx

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I do not want to get out of bed in the morning, cause the minute I do I get shaky. My hands shake and I am really anxious. Terrible feeling. Seems to go away after a while. Wish I never googled anything from the beginning. This is what started my anxiety a few months ago. Just won't go away. I do not have a problem falling asleep but a couple hours later I'm awake and my mind won't let me go back to sleep. I usually just lay there until morning. Will this ever go away????


Hi 8250heinzrd, it will lessen with time. I'm still waiting for mine to go away completely. The last and toughest symptom to deal with is the "morning anxiety". It's mind boggling to wake up each day with a startle and feel the pangs of fear fill your stomach. The shaking, the tears etc. I can't help but say "why, what do you want from me?" Before I get up, I do some belly breathing as well as try to listen to my relaxation tape. It's a struggle to face a new day that's for sure. Even understanding the cortisol levels being higher in the morning goes out the window because the fear is so great.

Hang in there, it does get better... x


Sounds familiar to the way I feel. I go to sleep pretty early get up sit in a chair all day. But I will feel completely tired. The way I explain it is horrible fatigue. And that shake feeling you said I'm not literally shaking but my chest always feels weird inside. Almost like weird sensations that I can't explain.


I get the those feelings too. I feel on the edge ready to jump out of my own skin, wondering if something will go wrong. But I have to remind myself that everything I think and feel is caused by anxiety and nothing else. If if wasn't for the anxiety, I'd be as healthy as a horse. Try taking some slow, deep belly breaths and know everything is ok. The shakiness is probably an overactive sympathetic nervous system reaction; the nerves of the central nervous system are in overdrive. I just find a place to lie down and close my eyes while listening to hypnosis. Try to relax and get some good rest.

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