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Hello everyone!

I am still unsure whether my symptoms are anxiety or heatlh related and I am tired of worrying. At this moment I just need someone to talk with, someone with similar struggles. I am startign to feel as if I was just bothering people around me by my constant whining, so I might as well try to chat with a neutral stranger.

Does any of you feel like talking for a bit more than one comment?


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  • I worried myself sick when dr saw something on my mammogram was convinced it was cancer had a biopsy and it was nothing. I was whining all the time and making long distance calls to family hoping they would make me feel better lost lots of weight in shirt amount of time and blood pressure was super high all for noghing

  • Well all my tests come back as okay, and everyone is telling me it's mental related, but it is hard to believe when I get some seriously annoying symptoms. I am having trouble sleeping, breathing... it sucks.

  • O yes it does I think mental hurts more than physical

  • I am just so confused. I hope it all goes away soon.

  • Hi Orida, I'm here if you need a shoulder to lean on :)

  • You seem to be here for everyone, like a giardian angel of this community. It's amazing!

  • You can come on here and talk as much as you want, hang in there don't be worried and may God bless you (:

  • Thanks! I see this group is really great. I am going to talk with a doc tomorrow, hopefully she will either send me to some head exams, or to the psychiatrist. I dunno which is better.


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