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I have agoraphobia

I am 60 years old and have had anxiety and agoraphobia for as long as i can remember. I live on ssi and medicaid and no dentist or oral surgeon will help me with my gum infection or bad teeth. I am in constant pain and no one cares. Im scared of everything. I cant even go to the emergency room because i am alone and unless you have someone to advocate for you they will put you in a mental hospital. This hospital is the worst and has a terrible reputation. So im sick and in pain with no help. Im in the usa. I have no hope.

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Sweetie I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad. Know that you are never alone, I have been in your situation.

Many times it's difficult to see that it is not a bad world out there. Especially if you watch the news all day, you'd think there was chaos just outside your door. But that certainly isn't true. But your mind still believed it even if it's not true.

I wish you would visit the hospital. You will get all your help there. The nurses and staff are supportive and will listen to you. They can not put you anywhere that you don't want to go.

You will get help for your teeth and medicine to make you feel less fearful. There will be people there just like you. You will be safe there.

Write down each step you need to get to the hospital. Baby steps. Find a neighbor to drive you or call 911 and tell them that you need an ambulance. You will go directly to the emergency room. You will be taken care of.

You are never alone. I wish you all the best,

With blessings,



You dont understand. It really is a bad hospital.and i have already been told if i go to the emergency room this is what will happen.


I have been try ing for 2 years to get help and im being denied because of the agoraphobia and my other health problems.


I'm really sorry to hear what you're going through, I don't understand how you feel but I wish the best for you and may God bless you 😊 hang in there


What do you mean they are turning you around.? Are you going to the hospital of your anxiety or other problems


They are denying me care. Dental care. I was going to go to the emergency room for the dental pain and infection


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