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Just looking for genuine advise pretty please :)

Ok, here goes..

I hate sick. Main fear is being sick in public as it would be the most humiliating thing to happen. I have high social anxiety, and need an escape plan in social situations so I know I can get away somewhere secluded in case I need to be sick so nobody will see or hear me.

I also have IBS D - wheat is a problem with me, but even without wheat I still go through bad phases.

Anyway, I cope by monitoring how I'm feeling. Feel a bit sick? I'll stay at home. Off my food? Convinced I've caught a bug. Not hungry? Again, convinced I've got a bug.

So, I've been going about my daily life, as long as I'm hungry, I will take on the world as I know I'm OK and not going to be sick anytime soon.

I love being hungry, as it's the constant reminder that I am OK.

Last Friday, I ate some chips from the local chippy for dinner. High fat, knew there would be a chance of some classic IBS.

Saturday morning, had diarrhea. No big deal, had no pain, got it out and thought I was fine.

Waited to feel hungry, didn't really happen. Felt a bit hungry but not like normal.

Thought it was just a blip, didn't think too much of it.

Sunday, same thing. No appetite, not hungry - felt a bit sicky.

Back to work Monday, had some diarrhea in the morning. No biggie.

Felt more hungry at work, but I put that down to the fact i had diarrhea and not much in my system.

Tuesday and Wednesday, again - no appetite, not really hungry at all, felt a bit sicky.

Thursday rolls around (today) and the same thing happened, except I had a bit of a bellyache. Had a bit of diarrhea at work.

So now I'm starting to get a bit worried, what the hell is going on? Anxiety increased. Left work early and booked tomorrow off work.

So now I'm sat at home, wondering if I am actually I'll and have some sort of bug, or whether my anxiety is to blame for this whole thing?

Apart from the chips last week, all I have eaten are my 'safe' (or so I thought) food.

I just don't want food. Nothing appeals to me. I'll get some slight rumbles, but it's almost like something in my tummy is masking the hunger so I don't feel it properly.

Anyway, I'm trying to think positive, but I am getting concerned now. But surely if it was a tummy bug it would have been and gone by now, 2 days spewing and pooping then back to normal.

Do you think this is all my anxiety?

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I don't know what to tell you and I don't know if it's just a bug or anxiety but hang in there , you'll get better and may God bless you and just try to focus on getting better okay !


I have health anxiety and ibs d . And like you I am never sure whether I'm ill anxious or it is the ibs . My movements are always soft but unlike you I don't have the etmophobia. I know that I don't drink enough water and probably don't eat right. I know which foods are my worse but can eat the same foods for two days and have different results each day .

Take care be good to yourself.

I haven't managed a full week at work since March and now only have two days holiday for the rest of the year. Anxiety and ibs both suck . Ibs on its own before the anxiety came along was just about bearable.

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Yes! Such a pain in the ar**

I really really really try not to let either things affect my work, I've gone to work with D many a time before, and pushed through but it's not nice.

I find work is such a pressure for me, pressure to pretend I'm ok. Pressure to try and stay calm as to not have a panic attack. Pressure to pretend to customers im sooo happy to be there when in reality, I just want to be in bed!!!

And yes, I definately get 2 different results after eating the same thing on consecutive days - which makes it all the more confusing!

I've been eating gluten free vegetable lasagnes for months, no problem.

The other day, I ate one - D the next day!! And the same thing 3 days later!

The only good thing is, I used to get severe stomach cramps with gluten - so painful I considered calling an ambulance so many times, but since cutting out the gluten, yes I'll still get D but it doesn't hurt hardly at all, so it's much easier to deal with.

Let's all hang in there - we are not alone.

If only we were wild animals and pooping and puking in front of others was the norm eh!!!

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