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I could just use a little help please

Hi everyone.

My name is Ryan

I've dealt with anxiet/panic attacks for 7 years now. I jus turned 23 last week

I have dealt with every symptom in the book. I'll leave it at that.

I'm an average guy. Have a good job working 40 + hours. No stress really financially. I always pay my bills. Sometimes it's close but I'll make it by. So Im usually not too stressed about money in the present.

Like I said. I've dealt with every symptom. Maybe this is a new one the last 3 days I had to do a decent bit of overtime 3 twelve hour shifts and then Thursday and Friday 2 more and an 8 hour shift Saturday.

But as far as Monday through Wednesday I've never been so out of it and exhausted in my life.

As many people who suffer know anxiety comes with its cycles. I'm in the middle of a bad one right now. I'm dealing with everything from burning, itchy crawly skin to numbness in whole body. Which unfortunately is normal and I can deal with.

What is new is this feeling. The last 3 days I've been so "out of it" I've easentially felt high. Only reason I know is I've smoked weed 2 times

And hated it. But I have no control. I feel that out of it.

Is this normal for anxiety or should I worry????

Any response is appreciated



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Hello Ryan, I understand your troubles. I've been having anxiety for almost 3 years now and I used to have panic attacks every time I get a weird symptom in my body and would cry in my room. Anyway it might considered anxiety but because anxiety causes real-like symptoms, You can always make sure at your doctor's office or hospital. I never had any of the symptoms that you are currently experiencing.

I hope you feel better, I try to take my minds off of things but it is impossible for me because I constantly think I have a deadly disease and that I'm going to die and have panic attacks a lot more often.

I hope this response helps I am only 16 and didn't know really what to say but it seems similar.


Thank you for your time keno!

The plan is to go to the doctors the first time I get a chance to take time out of work.

But I greatly appreciate your response.

If there is anything I may be able to help you with please respond and let me know!


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What you are experiencing is derealization/depersonalization

It's very uncomfortable but nothing to worry about it is very common with anxiety it is your brains way of protecting itself from stress and anxiety. Just let it be without fear get on with your day as best as you can without focusing on it and it should go away.


Hi friend. Im a mom, I have been married since I was 16 and have a ton of anxiety. I understand you. I have found solace in things such as watching the food network where it is like someones talking to me and teaching me something I rarely sleep because my mind is always thinking and I suffer major spine problems so I have to spend almost my whole life in bed. If I can help I say breathe. Imagine tossing your worries to the wind and let them blow into the ocean. Make up dreams that you want your life to be like. I love the scent and taste of hot tea woth honey, cinnamon, a bit of milk and cardomom to brew, its very peaceful. May you breathe easy ,walk with might, be strong and always have strength to overcome any worries. Be blessed.

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When I had bad bouts of Anxiety I used to think people was spiking my drink because I was feeling high but now I know it was because I was not relaxed enough. I basically lived on my nerves because my upbringing was so stressful I didn't realize I was tense or stressed at the time but I was and later on in life I was diagnosed with PTSD.

I think you need to learn to relax even if you think your not stressed. I found learning to chill more might help your feelings of being high. I tell everyone to learn to Meditate because it doesn't just help to relax it also strengthens the mind so you feel in power over your mind not your mind having power over you. I hope this helps Ryan. ☺.


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