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One word

What is the one thing we all have incommen in this group?

The nasty dark scary FEAR!!!!

We use the word afraid, scared, freaking out, loosing control but all these words are just really one emotion..


we have fear each and every day most of us.. our energ is

Spend on thinking about anxiety and panic attacks so much that we actually forget to just live...its our thoughts

24/7 so why will anxiety leave our minds or bodies if we have actually given it a footprint in our minds? How can it leave?

Stop thinking about it? Yeah right...easier said then done..

My brain is now automaticaly trained to think it, feel it, breath it..its me now...without it I am lost because that is what i know well my brain does.

Is this not so true for many of us.?

How do i then retrain my brain...reset button would be nice.

I think if there was a quick fix that someone could come up with wow he or she would be rich.

In my personal experience i have tried so many therapies but the one thing i have noticed that when i am not afraid its not that hectic but when emotions are so bad fear just seems to feel worse.

God did not give us a spirit of fear...

We need to live we need to love we need to feel joy not just...isolation, pain, anxiety, death, worthlessness, fedup even crazy.

Hang on to you the real you is still there!!!



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I love it


thank you so much cwoodside


No problem we are here to support each other


Hey there!  Thx for the inspiring post!


always  pleasure ActionChaz we need to inspire each other, we need to not just smother ourselves in the pain and loneliness of anxiety as this is really such an isolating decease. We are so much more then we think we are. stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

In God I truly find my strength and will power each day. I know deep in my heart this is not label is not anxiety and neither is yours>>

Strong's xxx 


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