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Having been born a Christian and accepting Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life, it is confusing to experience anxiety ever so often. The Bible does stress on the "Do not be afraid" phrase a lot, but sometimes its hard to take courage. Ill health, weaknesses, nausea and overthinking force the anxiety to take over. My question is : is there a way our Christian faith (spirituality) can help us overcome anxiety and fear. Or is it a purely physical thing that people are forced to live with.

(I'm on a journey to understand and look for answers to this question. How I long for healing, so I could comfort the hundreds on this portal and help them find their way too.)


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  • Hi there im david i have found that prayer can and does help the only thing is that our expectations can lead to disappointment if we think that the lord is not listening ! He will hear you and try to answer your prayers just be patient god bless you and take care AMEN

  • Hello David, Thank you for your response. Yes what you have said about patience is true. I suppose we will be led through the wilderness for a while. And we must remember to trust the Lord there too. May the grace and mercy of God shine upon us.

  • Hello faith x yes I do believe there is a certain amount of praying you can do x but I think you will find you have to be the leader in yourself healing x don't let this anxiety take over your life x you have to believing in yourself that you can get over this by helping yourself x don't let your brain rule your body x you have to try and get over this by saying that you will be in control of your mind and think positive of what you want to do and think x it's not going to be easy x I became ill in march 2016 with thus anxiety x I won't go into how it happened x but it's taken me up to now March 2017 to get to 98% better now x I've had no mefication x just believe in yourself that you can do it x watch what your eating x you can do this this x keep positive x keep in touch with me x take care x

  • Hi

    Just needed to say your post is spot on !

    Like you , all started last year in march and now ,on the Rd to recovery .Off meds for over a week .

    Retraining my brain not to fear these sensations any more .

    The last year had been mostly like living in hell , now I feel the light coming through and the darkness almost gone .

    onward and upward now


  • Hello. Thank you for taking the time to respond. It is wonderful that you have achieved such a recovery. While we are faithful during tribulations, we must also attempt to take action like you have said. Could you let me know if there were any specific steps that helped you overcome this problem. I personally find positive thinking hard sometimes when the anxiety trigger is right around the corner. Any suggestions as to how I can go about this are welcome.

  • Hello faith x it took a long time to get my head around things x I just try to eat healthy x like vegetable fruit fish x not alot of red meat x occasionally I have minced beef x I try to keep to white meat x I have stopped fizzy drinks x like coke lemonade x also I don't have oranges lemons x no cutrus fruits x

    I drink alot if water now x I have also cut out alot of tea and coffee x I have herbal tea like camamole tea etc x

    I try to control stressful situations x whuch I have become very comfortable with now x I do breathing exercise which you can find on you tube and also speak to people on this site which we can all help each other x

    but most of all I just didn't want to give in to anxiety taking control of my body and mind x I also started reading books x listening to relaxing music laying on my bed in peace for an hour x I didn't think I was ever going to get there x but also I didn't want anxiety to beat me either x I wanted my life back so much x whuch u have 2% to go to be 100% now x hope you can take some of these things on board and helps you x

  • Okay. So eat right and Keep busy. I will try following these tips. Thanks for your time. Take care and Hope you reach the 100% permanent recovery soon!

  • That's it x it works for me hopefully it will work for you faith x

  • Faith jodz on this site has said that there is a book that has been suggested to her to read x it is called dare from barry mcdonagh you can buy it through Amazon x might be worth reading on your relaxing days x x

  • Okay. The reviews for the book seem good. I will try to get it. Thanks :)

  • As a Christian I totally understand where you're coming from. I've prayed so many times to have the thorn of anxiety removed from me. However through all prayers we must let patience have her perfect work. Sure miracles can happen overnight but sometimes they dont. As I'm typing this I feel that anxious feeling I'm my chestime, but I know that my angels are around me and Jesus is in my heart. God got you and me. We will be OK. This too shall pass. No matter how scary it gets He is always with you.

  • Yes. Sometimes the physical effects of anxiety are such a burden. Thank you for your response. Your faith and patience is inspiring. While I search for answers, I hope to remain in faith like you do. "His grace is sufficient for us"

  • Yes, Jesus is always with us and we keep holding on to Him.

  • Since one of the rules of this site is to not discuss much religion or politics because it tends to produce arguments and this is a site for supporting other people, I'll say I agree with a God supported journey with anxiety as being the only way to a truly happy, successful and peaceful journey like the one I have today. I'll write you additionally in a private message in order to obey the rules here.

  • im not sure why things happen im looking for some way i can not deal with it eather

  • Yeah. The "why" keeps lingering around. But asking that just drains me. So let us look to a solution while we remain in prayer. Hope the Lord will help us in due time.

  • I have had healing from prayer, healing when i was physically unwell and needed an operation. I guess anxiety is related to our form of over thinking, something we bring on ourselves

  • Oh that is great that your prayers were answered. Yes anxiety is sometimes due to overthinking but it is that part that is hard to control and discipline. Do keep all of us too in your prayers.

  • Yes I agree with prayer wholeheartedly, and to give all worry to Him. X

  • We can tend to be hard on ourselves when we suffer with anxiety. Perhaps feeling like we are weak, not as strong as others. The nature of worrying means that we ruminate incessantly. From a compassionate perspective I believe God made people that would inevitably be diverse, not the same. We learn to wrestle with ourselves, all by ourselves, trying to fight the anxiety and berating ourselves. I am sure God wants us to be compassionate with ourselves and stop fighting. Acceptance is key. Acceptance of ourselves just as we are. Stop fighting yourself and be kinder by accepting where you are. It will pass. All things pass if we do not fight it.

  • Thank you for your response. It is hard to accept this kind of thinking. But I understand what you are trying to say. "Be patient in affliction" like it is said in the Scripture. Will try that out while looking for healing.

  • As someone who also has experienced anxiety, I have found that accepting where I am at this moment, allowing it to be, without trying so hard to get rid of the feelings, which is fighting it and keeping faith in my heart that it will pass is what has helped me. Also learning to have compassion for myself instead of judging myself. This gives us permission to be who we are and to commune with a deeper side of ourselves. You may call this communing with God. Remember that one can only help and feel for others when we really understand what they are going through. Going to that difficult place in ourselves certainly helps us to understand ourselves and others.

  • Yes. Definitely. I think the fact that we all understand and uplift each other in this forum itself is a wonderful testimony to how God intended for us to be. Loving and helping toward each other. The battle with anxiety has certainly enabled me to be more understanding. That too when the rest of the world seems to be fearless and strong, a community like this has helped me breathe easy.

  • He's listening and will answer your prayers - remember you aren't the only one asking for his help there are millions but he will answer you - it's his way of testing you - remember the garden in gethsemini when he was tested and the 40 days and 40 nights he pulled through - take his lead. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Thank you so much for your kind response. Yes. I believe the Lord will lift me up in due time. There seems to be a spiritual dimension to anxiety too. Meanwhile I am glad people are helping and supporting each other in such forums. Hope these 40 days of lent will help me understand how to be patient. :)

  • We are never given more than we can manage. Keep the faith!

    Without hurdles to overcome there cannot be real achievement.

    I believe my journey through anxiety has given me the skill and knowledge to help others making their journey through it. Remember you are going through it, you are not stuck in it.


  • Thank you for your response. I am glad God is using you to help others. Do keep us in your prayers. I do hope my God will lift me up from this pit and use me to help others too.

  • Hi FoF,

    You are welcome. Hang in there, dig deep and keep the faith.

    I learned lots from a guy called Micheal Mahoney in Cheshire England. I went to see him a few times then as the travelling was difficult he suggested his anxiety program. Worked wonders for me, made loads of sense. If you get time go listen to some of the clips . His site is

    Just see this time as learning before you move on to help many others yourself.


  • Typo sorry should be


  • As a Catholic, I simply ask for strength. The road doesn't rise up to meet any man, if you want something in this life you got to do it yourself. God Bless.

  • Yes. I think we are armed with the strength to fight for peace. Any suggestions on how to overcome are welcome. Thanks.

  • I read in my devotional a few weeks ago, something along the lines of us thinking we are waiting on God to answer when the door has already been opened and God is waiting on us to walk through it. keep fighting the good fight and continue forward! He's with us even when we feel like he isn't :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Yes God is with us in the battle. I need to get reminded of that often! :)

  • My Aunt used to say "God makes the back for the burden" - she was right.

  • Good insight. :)

  • These things are sent to try us. Life is a test and we evolve into better human beings by how we handle the bad things that come our way, the evolution to higher forms. This includes nervous illness. It is part of God's purpose to test us in this way, that's why there is so much suffering in the world, everybody has their cross to bear, who is without one? But we are not subjected to any ordeal without being given the knowledge and skill to overcome it. This is why we will never find everlasting peace in this world, time to warm our hands around the camp fire yes, but not everlasting peace. This is the purpose of life. I'm not sure if there's anything about overcoming anxiety disorder in the Bible or the Qu'uaran but God has sent teachers to help us recover.

  • Yes! These things do test us. The Bible says "Do not be anxious for anything, but in every situation by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God" (Philippians 4:6). So I think praying is one way to overcome. But when the going gets tough it is hard to be patient. Hoping God heals this!

  • Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.

    Mathew 6.34


  • Keep your faith. Keep praying. Trust in God. Anxiety isn't from Him.

  • True. Something this bad cannot be from Him. Will keep praying! Thanks for your response.

  • Of course there is. I'm a Christian and I mostly have gotten through my anxiety without meds. I pray a lot. I ask God to help me get thru the anxiety. My faith has gotten me through. When you focus on all positive things, like the word of God, there's no place for negativity. I usually consistently repeat "Jesus said because of my faith, I am healed." I say it until the anxiety goes away. It really does work because it's true. By Jesus's stripes we are healed. He's already taken our disease, sickness, anxieties to the cross. We just have to accept that we're healed and believe it. It takes time but keep reciting you are healed and it will come. Praying for you!

  • Thanks for your response. I have started to pray and quote bible verses whenever the anxiety shows its ugly head. It is great that your faith has been rewarded. Hope we can uphold each other in prayers and be healed by the blood of Jesus. I shall try to be more positive :)

  • Hello Alan here I believe r faith does help with r mental wellbeing prayer helps me to overcome my anxiety it's good to take our problems 2 our Lord he does listen.

  • Yeah. Faith is the most important factor. Thanks for your response.

    Over the span of few days I have come to understand that a holistic approach to battling anxiety is necessary. I don't know if its origin and continuation is purely physical or spiritual yet, but I know that we must keep God at the forefront of the recovery process while being supported by healthcare professionals and other dietary measures.

  • I too had similar thoughts as your's however I have also come to accept that anxiety is an illness (just like diabetes is an illness) and we have to deal with our illnesses one step at a time. Do not be to hard on yourself, I know that you believe that God is almighty and you have come to accept his Son Jesus Christ as your saviour as have I.

    Keep the faith, keep praying, keep reading the Bible and be blessed. Let's all deal with our anxiety one step at a time with the hope that it will get better and remind ourselves in our times of fear where our strength comes from and that is our Heavenly Father. God bless you and everyone here always :)

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