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So today my son was taken to the Hospital from school. He had a concussion from colliding with another kid in P.E class.

He's doing great he had a Ctscan and came back clear he is Happy again. Iam so Glad. But that Overwhelmed me and last Night i couldnt sleep my fast beating heart kept waking me up.

And i felt like i couldnt breathe. Kept trying to catch my breathe and relax. I was very convinced i was about to die last night.  But i didn't...... Now again iam scared to go to bed. What can i do to help me get over this fear ? Iam scared i might get the same symptoms as last night and keep me from sleeping. Especially after everything that happened with my boy today :( iam fed up!!

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  • I'm glad your son is okay and ad for tonight, well try to you know watch some funny videos or don't worry about tonight at all, just focus on the fact that your son is okay and that he's happy, let him bring happiness unto you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you alan. Iam do Glad he is Okay too. He made me so happy when he went through the CT scanner like a Big boy He's 7. I just need to relax and get some sleep. I have bags under my eyes!!!

  • I'm happy to hear the good news, now your mind can be at ease and just breathe and get some rest and yes he's really brave ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Sometimes, I am  afraid to go to sleep because I'm afraid I'll die in my sleep. Lately, my anxiety/panic is so severe it wears me out and fall asleep fairly easy but I wake up on and off all night. It's all exhausting... 

  • thats how i was last night. I kept waking up every 2 hours and i was like whyyyyy?? Then like around 12 i woke up scared and my heart was racing thoughts were racing i dont want to feel that way again.....

  • I'm right there with you friend. It's called anticipatory disorder or something like that. I'm sorry about your son but glad to hear he is okay. 

    I'm working really hard to avoid klonopin so I can sleep tonight but might need to since I'm also dreading the night and thinking I won't get any sleep like I did last night. It's all about re training our brains to think differently. My therapist suggested this book, "feeling good" the new mood therapy, by David d. burns. So far so good, only in chapter 3. I recommend you also read this book.

    Another issue I have is I start to google symptoms and makes it worse. I need to quit this shit ASAP! 

  • My friend describes it at PTSD

  • I was diagnosed with PTSD and acute stress disorder. Thanks childhood trauma!! 

  • Omg lol iam the same way with Dr.google... So bad. I am tired of not getting any sleep. This disorder is annoying my anciety levels rush with adrenaline then i wake up in a panic. I cant deal with it anymore. And thank you my son is a trooper. :) i wish i had a spirit like his. Stupid anxiety

  • That's great news that your son is OK.  

    I can relate to being afraid to fall asleep.  It's like watching your kids to make sure they are ok but doing it to yourself.  I have a CPAP for sleep apnea, but it makes me claustrophobic & I don't like to sleep on my back.

  • Oh wow.. I got RLS right now and its making me anxious and panicky i really dont like the way iam feeling right now.

  • Have you tried magnesium or heating pads for your legs?  

  • No i havent. i should try it. My legs are still bothering me :(

  • The heat doesn't always help, but it never hurts.  Good luck finding relief!

  • WhereIsHope,  I am so sorry your son got hurt at school today but I'm happy he is okay.  I remember my daughter falling off the monkey bars and getting that call she was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was in a neck brace (just in case).  I didn't have anxiety then and I had all I could do to control myself.  I can't imagine what it was like for  you today with all you are going through to get a call that he was hurt.  This is what I worry about day to day, what if something happens to someone other than myself.  If I can't take care of me, how can I take care of family.... You are so tightly wound up that it's causing you to feel like you can't catch your breath.  It's hard but you need to stop the mind chatter when you go to bed tonight and do some deep breathing to relax the diaphragm and chest wall muscles.  When they get tight is when we feel like we can't breath.  Once you relax it will open up and provide you relief.  You will always be able to get enough air to breath because it's done by our bodies automatically.  I hope you will feel better and get some rest tonite.  xx

  • Oh thats terrible. It was very scary moment for me but iam so glad i didnt get a panic attack. Now its when its all hitting me. But i will try to relax listen to some relaxing videos.

  • Hello girl, 

    I am so glad you son is happy and healthy! I know, this can be a trigger for anxiety. My daughter got lost when she was 3 and I felt like I was going to die for those 5 minutes or so she was lost. Horrible feeling. 

    Do you drink herbal tea? Peppermint is great. It settles my stomach because of the anxiety and help me relax a little. Also, go the bathtub and take a warm bath with 1 or 2 tablespoons of epson salts. 

    RLS is because of the anxiety too, but the warm bath will help. 

    You can also put a cold compress in your neck to help the blood flow to your brain and avoid hyperventilation. 

    I know is not an easy thing, but you can do it! One step at a time, one day at a time, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second...

  • Oh no thats very terrifying. Thinking if your child was Lost or kidnapped. I would go crazy! Well iam glad she was found and everything was ok. I will take it one day at a time. I tend to bea myself Up alot about it.. I kist need to learn to accept it.

  • This is a link I got yesterday about panic attacks. 


  • So glad everything is okay!

  • thank you!

  • you need love in some one hug you

  • Lol i get alot of love and hugs from my three kids and husband โ˜บ๐Ÿ’ž

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