Hi.........I am back hopefully

Hello everyone just to let you know i am back and will try and get on daily to perhaps talk about experiences and how we can support and help each other. During the time i was suffering panic attacks and anxiety everyone was wonderful here and i do appreciate all the good friends i have made. Take care everyone and remember your not alone we are all in this together trying to beat that demon. Night night God Bless big hugs to old and new friends Love Seyi xxx


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  • Hi seyi welcome back , everyone has been hoping you would find us, whywhy is going to be so happy when she sees that you are here. speak to you soon, night night.



  • Hello Bonnie thanks for the welcome back :) Hope all is well with you. I spoke to whywhy last night as i could not find my way back here lol. Speak soon big hugs xxx

  • Yes Bonnie , whywhy , was very happy to see Seyi back :)

    Hope you are feeling better


  • I am not to bad now, had a nice soak earlier, but what happened today has put me off going out again at the mo. Hope you have been ok today, was wondering earlier if you was ok,



  • I can understand Bonnie how it would put you of

    It was something that happened to me while I was out , that put me of & I slowly started to find ways of avoiding leaving the house because of the fear it would happen again & then ended up like this :o

    Glad you feel more relaxed now though

    Me feeling a lot better , kitchen is complete & I am allowed to enter when I want & even better than that , it does look nice , even though it sent my OCD through the roof while it was been done :o

    Hope you get a good nights sleep :)


  • Thank you whywhy, I am glad your kitchen is done for you, I no that was causing you stress. I normally do sleep ok, think because I have had enough for another day, I do wake up with thoughts of no life anymore and not the person I was , but hey maybe that because of the anxiety playing on my mind when I am asleep. Hope you have a good sleep as well , and a good day tomorrow.




  • Semi hello and welcome back. Hope u r doing ok xxx

  • Seyi stupid fone lol

  • Hiya Donna hope all is well with you :) x

  • Seyi

    You have made my day

    I am so happy to see you back :)

    Special curly hugs


  • Hi Seyi great to have you back. Hope your well :-) x

  • Thanks Willrich trust you have been keeping well hugs x

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