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Visit of my kin

My daughter came to visit just now and gave me a lovely hug made my day. She is always in a rush because of demanding grand babies but I loved seeing her she wants to bring down all my grand babies but because of my mental health I been making excuses but I must man up because my eldest grand daughter keeps asking to come down she's so cute and so full of life and confidence which also makes me happy. I heard my sister wants to visit but because zof the past which she caused me alot of beatings off my Dad because she used to lie to my Dad telling him I hit her . Water under the bridge i here you say but I cant forgive my sisterr giving my Dad's watch to her husband instead of me. I wouldn't be nice if she came and she bloody well knows Iit. 

   I have had anther good day and my son is happy mixing more and he seems really happy for the first time in years. So please God please keep him content with life he needs it and deserves it.

   I hope your all well as can be and dont let this anxiety get the best of you. Life is to short. Byyyeee for now.

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Hi Dodo,  great to see another positive post from you.  I didn't know you had a daughter :)  and you're a grandpa as well.  That's wonderful!   I knew you had a sister and that your relationship with her was strained.  Some people may think, water under the bridge, but some memories and actions are too hard to forgive and forget. I'm glad that your son is doing well also.  Maybe that's why the turn around with you feeling better.  I wouldn't be surprised since you two are so close.  You both need to be happy, you deserve it.....


My sister the youngest one said she wants to visit but she tells so many fibs and I had alot f beatings off my father because of her she caught on i was the black sheep early on in life and used the fact my Dad was bullying me for any or no reason I dont like her she looks down on me and has a nack of making me feel worthless so I would rather not bother at all . My other sis who is doing very well in life I get on with.

  Well I had a good sleep didn't binge on chocolate hoping to sort out bills and clean cupboard practice guitar and do some magezine reading about guitar playing. 

  Agora I want to learn playing keys down the fret board but cant find anything in the books to find where to put my fingers. I know the basic of A, B, C, G and E is it the same all the way down the fret board.  I have the guitar book for Dummies and the talk about boxes and show diagrams with dots one dot circled which is supposed to be the best for string bend. Any tips ?

  How is your day Agora hope your anxiety is low. Chat later. 


Dodo, It seems like you are doing a good job in knowing what's important to you in your life.  In the long run, it keeps the stress lower. You really sound good.  I'm wondering if not binging on chocolate is helping a lot.  Sounds like you have your day all planned which helps with anxiety.  As for the guitar tips I will have to get back to you on that.   I'm glad you are also sleeping better, that helps immensely.  Isn't it amazing that "Life can be good" when we allow it to.   :)



  I get small spurts of being content just wish they would last long enough.


They will one day Dodo.  For now, relish those moments, hours or days the best you can. 


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