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As I'm writing this I'm touching wood 😬, but since i wrote my first post about 4 weeks ago and read other posts my anxiety has been great and not even one panick attack which is amazing for me . I'm wondering is it because I read a lot of things and go OMG THATS ME ? Has it make me realise I'm not alone and yes it is in my head ?? Thoughts anyone 😀


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  • jodz, it could very well be that you have accepted that it is anxiety and not some medical atrocity.  xx  Stay well

  • Good for you, Jodz! Yes, this site makes me feel less alone. The solid advice and answers I've received from here really helped too. It is like a lifeline for so many questions and thoughts swimming in my head and comforts me to know that someone of us has experienced what I'm going through at some point of our lives. 

  • This is true this site has helped me so much. I know I'm not alone, and it is anxiety not something life threatening. Anxiety can control us and when nobody understands what it is and thinks it can be solved simply by not thinking of negative things, easier said then done!! I love this site and thank you to all of you and good luck to all of you as well😊

  • Yes totally agree stinkbug05 and I hope it keeps up . I'm far from perfect with anxiety as I have racing heart here and there but no panic attacks 👍👌 and hope they keep away . But the real test will be Thursday as we bury  my mother in law . The thing is it's the same church as my mother was at when she died 2 years come July , so it's still raw , but I'm feeling positive 

  • So sorry my thoughts and prayers are with you. I just lost my Husband on October17th, I am 56 and finally found my soul mate at 48 we would have been married5 years March 18th. I have been struggling so bad had to leave our home and come back and live with my sister. I am still with her, still can't believe it like it's a bad dream. Hope you are okay Thursday😊

  • It's very hard and sorry for you loss and Thankyou so much x

  • Your welcome and God bless you, and I will e thinking about you Thursday😊

  • Thank you !!

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