Is this really anxiety?

I have all these symptoms. I could basically read some symptoms and later that day I can get them! It's crazy! Also i get a flutter in the middle of my chest like a heart skips n kinda takes your breath away?? Crazy feelings but I only get it when I'm sitting still or chilling out? Is my unconscious mind playing games with me because If I'm working or doing jobs around the house I don't feel it........


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  • You could have cardiac arrhythmia which also gives you lightheadedness and shortness of breath​


    You are a hypochondriac and need to chill out.

  • True lol

  • Just to add.

    When i was 13 my father died suddenly, then at 16 my mother died of a brain tumor. 1 year later i became fearful of my health and was forever at the doctor's. In the end i was diagnosed with separation anxiety. I reckon that is what is wrong with you and also you had a baby.

    You'll be alright bud, given time it will all pass and you'll be as right as rain. Just go with it and try to enjoy yourself as much as you can and avoid searching for more symptoms and illnesses.

    It's a trick of the mind.

  • Davewavy1, do you know how the former is treated?

  • Yeh my little girl is just gone 1 year and lost my mum about a year back too was a lot of things happening that has made me worry more I guess, thanks for your advice mate it's much appreciated:)

  • It's all just a natural process. Men can actually suffer from post natal depression too.

    Try not to worry, easier said than done i know !.

  • I have so many symptoms , but some I've had a long time on and off like my headaches and one of the worst foggy head not with it feeling, horrible! I had a period where I would wake in the night with pounding Heart feel like I was dying then this has just gone, with me it's like it moves around my body, can't really give advice as I'm still questioning if it is all anxiety but just to know you aren't alone and each symptom does pass 👍

  • Yeh they all come and go which I tell myself it must be anxiety or I would always have the symptoms :/

  • Mine does it at night mostly when I'm laying down. I've had my heart checked and the 24 hour holder monitor showed heart palpitations but was told they was not dangerous.

  • It's so weird that 2 months ago I had none of this :(

  • I feel sorry for anyone with anxiety because it is always there once you get it, you just learn to live with it and use methods to ease it.

    I had at it 17 after my parents death for about 4 years then it kinda went. Then at 37 it came back big time; I'm still suffering 10 years later but nowhere near like I used too.

    Life aye!!

  • Your a fighter mate, and gives us all hope hearing about others that suffer 👍🏻

  • Davewavy, if you don't mind me asking; are you using any medication?

  • No I don't use medication, i never have.

    The Doc wanted to give me some tablet that began with a C for depression but I said no thanks.

    I used diet, bodybuilding, minerals and hypnosis/deep relaxation.

  • That's so cool. I've heard of hypnosis and deep relaxation before. So it works then I see from you? :)

  • Oh it worked for me. But bodybuilding and minerals more than anything. My anxiety the second time around was due to physical illness so it's a bit different, the panic attacks were my body's alarm telling me something was wrong. It wasn't an emotional response.

  • I don't think I'm familiar with Minerals?

    So your anxiety started this time, after your physical illness?

  • Magnesium.

    It started out of the blue, i had an infection that wasn't found for 3 years. One year in i started having anxiety attacks. Soon as i was treated they went away. The anxiety I have now is because I fear it coming back because​ it was terrifying, way way worse than my anxiety after my parents death.

  • Yeh I'm gonna get my levels checked, pretty much ran out of stuff to check now :(

  • I reckon you are just exhausted bud. Nothing rest, going with it and eating right and you'll soon be better.

  • I'm really sorry to hear. It sounds quite bad but you have gained enormous strength over time.

    This fear of something is horrible. No matter how much I tell myself to just stay calm, it can be quite difficult at times.

  • Yeah I know it's awful. But that is depression there, negative thinking. When you're​ not depressed your thoughts aren't so negative as you tend not to think that way. That's what happens with me at least. Magnesium is a anti depressant and the strongest natural sedative known to man.

  • Yes! Its funny (but not really) how the mind works. Its like a film producer while the big YOU sits in the director seat. The mind finds producing the anxiety symptoms very rewarding because as they are 'produced' you give an undivided attention to them. Its a vicious cycle and it takes time to break it. It literally becomes an addiction and the only way to break it is to substitute it with another, hopefully a healthier one.

    You may have noticed that if you do something that literally consumes you its impossible to experience a single symptom. However, the second you check yourself for any, like on a cue, something pops up. The more busy your mind is kept the less anxiety symptoms will be experienced; unless the busy thinking is about anxiety itself.

    Sometimes it feels like the mind resembles a young child. It needs lots of attention so it seeks attention in any crazy way possible and it needs to be preoccupied to be quiet. And once child's attention is lost you probably know what happens next..

    Of course, that's just a part of anxiety healing. But its a step in the right direction for sure. Cheers and happy busy thinking!

    PS. Heart palpitations? Stress, stress, stress. Check here the list of common 50 signs and symptoms of stress. Doesn't it perfectly resemble anxiety symptoms? Yes, it does.

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