So glad i found this site

Ill like to personally thank every single one of you that has helped me through this time, I feel great ive felt like my old self for the first time in ages I'm not exactly how i used to be as I'm not in lessons at school but I'm getting there! A few year ago i used to perform around towns etc music and my guitar were my passion and then I stopped due to being to anxious and now I'm back on it! I'm so happy! Thankyou for all your advice your all brilliant!

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  • Your thanks is much appreciated,that is why we are here to give support and help where we can.It's nice that you have music back in your life.

    Kenny xxxx

  • Yeah it is had a guitar since I was about 6 my anxiety got worse and I couldn't play but so glad I'm playing again x

  • when I get time I will post a pic of my pride and joy.I bought it in Germany in 1970 its a Hoffner 12 string acustic.

  • Yeah okay cool :D x

  • Hi Pinkcookie,so glad to hear your doing so much better.Its great on hear,no one judges you and always someone to listen and advise xxxxx

  • Yeah sure is :D! Thankyou xx

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