Don't no how to stop

I've suffered from anxiety for a long time now. Currently having cbt, and it's helping in some ways but I still can't control the worries, it's like as soon as I get a symptom I automatically think the worst about it, it makes me really upset and scared! Even without a symptom I still have all these worries and thoughts swirling round my mind! Has anyone been able to deal with it? 

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  • I would say think positive but it's easier said than done right ? Haha but also maybe just relax okay ! Don't let anxiety scare you (: 

  • I feel the same way one minute all is good and than bam I feel something and little thing and I think the worse I hate it. Always with this fear praying for all of us to start feeling some what better 

  • dizzychar,  every sentence  you wrote is 100% the truth in the life of an anxious person.   As Alan said "we need to think  positive and not let it scare us"...

  • All day... Everyday! 

  • I try to stay positive, I try and take my mind off it etc, but I still feel like it's so powerful that it's really hard to not take notice of it, if that makes sense, sometimes I don't no what the matter is and I just have a sick feeling, like somethings not right but I can't explain it? X

  • Try meditation , deep breathing Health anxiety is horrible and will control you ,if you do not take baby steps to help your self , its not easy , infact at times it does seem impossible , but its not , it can be done , bless you and i hope you get peace of mind soon xxxx

  • Been feeling just like this! I actually try to focus on it and let it consume me if it will. Like I'm saying "okay I accept this. Bring it on! " sometimes this helps it pass really quickly sometimes I chicken out and it sucks. I still always have the thoughts right now though, dealing with those is a little harder, just trying to be mindful that they are just that: thoughts. Not based on fact. I try to let them go as often as I can :)

  • Hi Puddless, I caught myself for a few moments this morning telling myself "I'm scared". Immediately, I talked myself out of it by saying out loud, "what do you want", "leave me alone". Then I went on with my day. Happy, happy when I'm in control once more. :)

  • I do that to! It has been coming back but for a brief time I feel the same. Myself and in control :) I find if I dwell too much on how "normal" and happy I am in that moment it can deteriorate into panic. Anxiety is so frustrating lol

  • Isn't that maddening? We can't be too happy either. It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it has to be just right. x

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