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Shortness of breath after going to the beach??

I just got home.

The waves were kind of rough, i went under a copule of times..

I few hours later I still feel like I need to catch my breath. I have this heaviness in my chest.

I was tense in the water since I was nervous about the waves.

And I'm on my menses that sometimes causes my shortness of breath but with my leg worries it's hard not to think the worse.

Could it be a mixture of the ladder two??

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I feel that way after swimming if I haven't been in a while. If you aren't feeling any better by tomorrow, maybe go get checked out. Did you swallow any water??

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Hi thank you for answering

Not swallowed but went up my nose a couple of times really bad.

With my leg pain it just freaks me out :(

Throws me way off



I would think you were panicking a bit, especially if the sea was rough. See how you feel tomorrow, and if you still feel breathless maybe your Doctor could re-assure you.

Where do you live? it sounds lovely that you can go for a swim in the sea.



Hi thank you for answering

I think so too since I've calm down since I wrote the question :)

I feel silly when I do this freak out and come here then I calm down Maybe it's the fact that I'm letting it out by talking about it??

I'm from California :)

It's still a long drive to get there from where I'm at but worth it


Hi, sounds lovely. I am glad you have calmed down, it is good to get your feelings aired on here.

I am in England, Manchester, the weather has been quite good here lately, but all I can do is visualise the sea:-)

I panic over situations and like you say, you feel daft after but nobody ever judges you, as we are all in the same boat. xx

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Awe :( , when you do get to go at the end you enjoy every moment of it. Hopefully you'll get to do so in the near future :)

Thank you for not judging and for the support we do need that here, especially when you feel you are panicking over something small, we can't help it.

Hope you have great day.




You can feel shortness of breath if you've strained your chest muscles such as gasping for air if you're getting sea water in your face or running hard when you're not used to it. It's not actually shortness but just the muscles showing they're not used to the extra effort of deep and hard breathing.

Obviously I can't say more as I'm not a doctor so if it keeps up worth getting checked.


Hi Bramwell!

Lol I did get a good wave that took me down hard :))

I am feeling better.

I think it was just the initial tiredness.

Its just my anxiety being in a all time high that has me running over here

Hope you have a great day!!





Lucky you being able to swim in the sea. If you still have the same symptoms tomorrow it's probably best to go and see a doctor.



Hi MR,

Thank you for replying!!

Awe hopefully you can experience it soon, :)

I'm feeling better, it was a panic attack I didn't want my day to end

Hope all is well with you :)




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