Hi all i am new to this. I have been suffering anxiety for 4months. Its scares the geebes out of me everyday. I get dizzy spells like i am going to faint. I have body zaps no energy what so ever and have clammy skin night sweats. I feel numb to the bone. My hands and feet go pure white along with my face. Not really understanding how anxeity is tge coloprit of all my body symptoms. I really do feel like i am dying. I just want myself back if this ever happens. Or is it something i have to start learning to live with. I have tried many anti deprsessants with side effects i am thinking of giving them another go. 


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  • Hello

    Sorry you are suffering you really sound like you are having anxiety quite bad and it could be an idea to try medication again or you could maybe ask your Doctor about some Counselling or therapy you have nothing to loose and maybe this time it will be different as well as you will be able to come on here and get support while you are going through any side effects you may feel as with most you do get a few to start with but they do pass usually 

    I presume as you say you have been on medication before when you go to the Doctors with your symptoms they cannot find anything physically wrong and say it is anxiety ?

    If you have not mentioned these symptoms before to your Doctor then I would as this could give you peace of mind :-)

    Anxiety can really make us feel so ill that it can be really hard to accept that is what it is but if we can it takes away the control it has over us and slowly things do improve :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thankyou for your reply i have tried 3 lots of anti deprsessants all with hirrible side effects very scared to try another lot. I just cant see the light at the end of the tunnel hopefully it gets better then this. 

  • Hello

    It can be very off putting when you have tried medication and had side effects , sometimes for several weeks we get these but usually they do subside , there are so many they can try you on and even though I know it will be or could be unpleasant if you get any side effects remember you are in control and could stop them at any time and that after several weeks you could get used to them and there could be benefits then :-)

    Have you tried anything natural like Kalms  not sure if that is the right spelling , herbal tea's are good for helping you relax and mindfulness if you search that in Google that can also be helpful 

    If medication is not for you and I can appreciate it is not for everybody as I have never bothered with it even though I also know many that have and it has been wonderful for them but think about maybe asking your Doctor about therapy as that can also work :-)

    There is light at the end of the tunnel we have to try & be patient and I know that is not easy but the more we over think and want everything as it was that creates anxiety because it does not happen that quick 

    Try and stay in the day and no matter what the day is like at the end of each day rather looking at the negatives take anything or any moment that was positive , hang on to those and slowly build on them , like any other illness and this is the mind that has become ill we have to give it time to heal and it will :-) x

  • Thankyou so much for your support it is great to know there are others out there with this it makes you feel very alone. You bought tears to my eyes when i read this. Its been a long road and i have been crying at times when something touches me hopefully yhe crying is a release of this turmoil. I really do feel for people that hsve this. It is a hard thing to battle on a daily basis. Thank you for your kindness x

  • Hang in there okay 😊 and I hope you find relief in some sort of way, I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this, I hope it all gets better 

  • Thanks i have been dealing with this for 3 months how long does it go on for 

  • I can't tell how long it goes for, I'm sort of new to anxiety but being on this forum really helps and I hope it helps you too ! There's supportive people here 

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