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i know this might not be the right forum to be asking this, but lately I have been trouble reading with both eyes open. my eyes gets tired very easily and the centre of my forehead is red and I keep having to take naps. when i look myself in the mirror it seems magnified as well as perception is off. also when glance at my speedo while i drive, it's a little blurry. sometimes when I walk through shopping aisles, things seem to pass by as they are going too fast. does anyone share this feeling? I've been to optometrist a few times recently but non of them mentioned anything.  from my own research, i have uncovered something called  convergence insufficiency.  does anyone know anything about that?

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I know when I have anxiety it can make my eyes feel really strange as well as when I look at things they somehow do not look right 

I would mention what you have come across to my Doctor or the optician even if just to give you peace of mind but usually opticians are very good and if there is anything wrong they would spot it 

Let us know how you get on :-) 

Take Care x  


Hey bounce, thanks for replying.  The thing is, I don't feel anxious at all but my eyes are just wacked!  I get double vision when I look on the left corner of my eyes, but if i blink a few times it will refocus.  Yet if I am close enough to the mirror (a foot away?) I cannot focus on my left pupil, but I can focus fine looking at my right pupil with my eyes at the right corner.  


Do you feel over tired at all ?

I would go back to the opticians or Doctor and let them see if they can give you some answers on this 

Let us know if you find out what is causing it :-)


Will do.  But I think the last optometrist I told, he didn't do much besides saying it was abnormal. So....not much help from that guy


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