Eyes feel overwhelmed

Ugh, this is such a weird sensation to describe! I thought it was ligh headedness but I don't think so. My vision feels like.....bombarded. Like it's taking in too much and it becomes overwhelming? It kind of gives the feeling that I'm not really there because my eyes can't take anymore in? Anyone else get this?


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  • Omgsh I've been waiting to find someone who can relate to this. I've been feeling it everyday for the past 7 months. You explained it just as I do. It's like I can see but I feel like something is blocking my vision or my eyes and brain aren't connext in fully. So weird and not a pleasant feeling. Do you find it especially hard in light rooms with lots of white and shadows? That's the worst for me. Or just rooms with alot going on

  • Ahhhh, yes! Especially stores! Like walmart! Or cluttered stores

  • Yes and fluorescent lights make it even worse

  • Yes and do you also have a hard time scanning with your eyes like when you are scanning with your eyes at the products at the supermarket? If you know what I mean?

  • I have this😩

  • I have the same exact thing for a year now 😩😩 i went to eye doctors neurologists did an mri everything is fine but j cant seem to know why its really frustrating !!!!

  • Ive had this, still go through it from time to time. Is your neck tight, ive found that when mine is tight specially on the sides is when my vision goes haywire.

  • Oh gosh, it's sooooooo tight. I never even thought about that!

  • I know this is an old post... But I just wanted to say how relieving it is to hear of people having the same unexplained things happen to them. I have yet to go to Walmart and not get anxiety because of my eyes/head feeling like they are under so much pressure! I had to leave walmart early today because I couldn't take it anymore. Kind of like a tension headache and it's always around and In between my eyes. Has anyone ever found out the link between anxiety and this eye strain issue?!! I mean, why does anxiety cause this? I also find it difficult to scan objects, or move my eyes quickly.. They always fee strained.

  • I had glitchy vision and terrible focus in public. I zoned, and couldn't even read things. Now I still get in public but it doesn't scare me and it isn't as frequent. So trust me when I say push through, and it will start to go!

  • Hi Amy.

    Hope everything is well! Just read your post and explains exactly on how am I also feeling with my eyes/head when visiting places such as Walmart. Did you ever get the chance to share this with a professional? If you did, what kind of feedback did you get?


  • I just wanted to say that I no longer experience this symptom. On occasion I do, but it doesn't worry me and it doesn't last. Now I KNOW it is all anxiety-related. I didn't take any meds, it just took forcing myself to go into stores and learn to not react to the feeling until gradually, over time, it faded.

  • Google "tight neck visual disturbance." When the neck tightens, it restricts the blood flow to the brain and causes the eye issues. Physical therapy helps, but so does stretching the neck. The physical therapist willm show you how to do it.

  • I have all of these symptoms as well as cognitive dysfunction :( can't remember things and horrible concentration.

    My head feels like it's filled with air , like it's missing and I have a mild balance problem as well.

    Is all of this really anxiety ?!

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